Friday, July 1, 2016

June 2016!

 Summer is Here ya'll!!!!!
We started our first art project of the summer....painting with shaving cream! It was a hit!
Swimming at the splash pad with the Petersens, brids gettign stuck in our garden net, morning snuggles, little boy-isms!, swim lessons, finding new parks, installing a new fan, Activity Day Camp for the girls, family coming into town, and Daryl Petersen's funeral with the Collettes. 
Nathan is full throttle working on Chom- THe reatauarant down in Provo for Coltin. 
fathers day- Nathan reenacting my foot incident, and telling the kids about Kamonos. 
Lehi Round Up Rodeo Parade
Leaving for camp- saying goodbye to my babies!
Another itty bitty baby dress for Beth Nethercott's little girl, Indiana.


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