Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

Just some other happenings....
Wyatt building, sitting in drawers, eating 3 hard boiled eggs!!!!
My new dress!
Bike rides, playing at the park!
cooking class with Grandma lorna, little at the splash pad, girls cooking dinner for the family!
shaving cream, crib buddies, and Wyatt's obsession with puppies begins!!!

McCall 2016

 McCall was a BALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!
We spent everyday and all day outside and it was perfect weather. Swimming, skiing, cliff diving, bike riding, REPEAT!!!
Date night, birthday parties, games late into the night ......DIPO!!!!.....means hippo! :) painting with grandma, parachords with grandpa, 2nd coming quiz, street market, shopping, tubing, chatting with old friends, My Father's Place, Ice Cream Ally, much fun, all in one place!

Then I was able to stay an extra day in Boise to attend Michelle BuBois's funeral. It was amazing, just as she is! I miss her, and can't believe she is gone. 

Then that night it was Janie's birthday party at the Natatorium....brought back so many memories! And my old shcool, Adamas Elementary. So fun!