Friday, April 1, 2016

March 2016

WOW! The weather has been sooooo nice!!!!, we've been playing outside a lot!!!
Wyatt's hiding place form Emmett
Canyon trip 
Wyatt's blanket obsession- very detailed technique of self-soothing
Bird nest helpers
Chasing the neighbors chickens
Emmett and Wyatt daily doings
St. patty's Day surprises
Taya face painted the kids
Taya's 4th grade state history project
Provo City Center Temple Dedication!
FUNDRAISING AUCTION for YW and ym, that we put on- it was AMAZING!!!!!! 7500.00 raised!!!!
Happy Easter!!!!
Wyatt loves my panda that i had as a child just as much as I did:)
Wyatt LOVES play-dough!