Monday, March 28, 2016

February 2016

Wyatt was loving to help mop!!!
New Eyebrow tint that i absolutely LOVE!
Wyatt was giddy about daddy's hat!
Emmett hiding in small spaces
Emmett was so obsessed with the can opener....he even brought it show and tell at preschool:)
Taya's snow cave she built
I altered my maternity skirts so i could wear them again
Valentines' festivities!!!!
Wyatt in his CUTE boots!
Valentines Cookies with Grandma
Chinese New Year!
Sienna improving a ton at school....and giving her whole presentation in CHINESE about her family!!!
The Provo City Center Temple open house! It was beautiful. We even found a dragonfly on the dog weeds on one of the wall murals!