Monday, February 29, 2016

A few of our YW activities this new year! Dec, Jan, Feb 2016

White Elephant gift exchange
and missionary care package.
Temple square lights
We found a cabin for Camp!
ice skating in the Fish's backyard
Walmart scavenger hunt
New Beginnings
Provo City Center Open House
New Church History Museum 
And what we are doing for Birthdays this year!

Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016

Just some fun lighting shots of Emmett. Now that I'm done nursing, its fun to get my real camera out!!! Have a tiny bit more time:)
Getting the hang of my curling wand....and LOVE it!
Made dresses for Indie and Irie
Emmett LOVES lettuce wraps!
New Family Picture Wall
Wyatt got a famous Bear made by Aunt Vicki's Mother in Law- Terry's Mother, Hester- she is the sweetest!
Snowy walks
Snuggles with my baby
Emmett is a SUN- BEAM!!!!
Preschool field trip to the fire station!
Bath time!
Fire escape drills
Emmett spills!
Dresses I made for the school play of "Wizard of Oz"- these are the lullaby guild
Stevens PUPPIES!!!!
Hill's baby shower
Our Anniversary Date to Communal in Provo- beaurtiful night!
Celebrating Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma Marti finally!- Our travels just didn't match up!