Monday, January 4, 2016

December! Busy month!

Saw this beautiful ornament at the festival of trees or something and thought it said it perfectly!!!
Love this time of year!

We had a BUSY month! We got to go on the Polar Express… hard to get in! IT was awesome! They just keep getting better and better!
Lots of December recitals
Petersen Christmas party
Then we finished up the final Christmas present and Tyler met up here and off to Boise we went!!!!
Endowement, Sealing, Christmas, Baptism, new twin babies!!!!! It was craziness!!!! Lots of time with both families……just what the doctor ordered!!!!!
I collected and edited all the wedding dances from the Marti Family  and put them together on a DVD for Christmas for my family. We watch them and laughed and loved every minute of it….they all were so grateful. I'm glad we have that as a keepsake now….all together!!!
Oh! And…..convinced the entire Frogley Family to do the wedding dance with us…..the boys did it too- wore Santa hats with mistletoe, and we did a little Christmas dance- great fun! Need to find someone that has a picture of that!
Happy NEw Year!!!!!
Oh, and a terrible storm threw our tramp into our window…..just our luck!!!