Monday, November 30, 2015

November phone pics!

what a fun month!!!!!
I got to eat dairy again…..can i say mmmm mmmm goooood!!!!Emmett and I dipped graham crackers in milk!
Our kitchen before we had to strip out all the cupboards because of mold.
1st snow of the year!!!
We got a fun visit from The Nelson's….always love when they can come visit…it may not have been for the best circumstances……but, ya know….
We got to meet Jared and Nisha's new bundle….Elijah!
Then for Thanksgiving we got to have everybody here!!!!!….Excpet the Kemps :(
Boy, did we have fun!!!!!!My sisters got to come to my annual tag making/ugly sweater party, we visited the puppy barn, we got to visit Michelle…..she got to have surgery….but update from May…is not doing well, cancer is still growing, chemo isn't doing much. It's hard to watch.
We visited the newly remolded Church History Museum….with it's AMAZING first vision video! LOVE it, we saw the temple lights, thanksgiving festivities of football, dinner, the kids put on the Wizard of Oz play!, shopping, and a soooo fun family hoedown at the rec center. Slef portraits with Grandma, and finding out Wyatt was still allergic to dairy, and don't forget the leg and arm wrestles!!!!! It was a blast!!!! I love it when family is around!!!
Wyatt moved to forward facing….and seems REAL happy about it!
and my BIRTHDAY!!!!!