Friday, March 20, 2015

March on the PHone!

Found a cute note from Taya!

Daddy's having a good time in China!

The girls tried their hardest to catch the leprechaun…….he fooled us all!!!

It made Emmett's day to have a crane in the front yard today:)

Daddy brought home a selfie stick from China!

Month 4: 16 lbs, 99% in height, Starting to sit up with no support, almost rolling over back to front now, loves the mirror, still hates the bath- likes the shower better:) Getting real good at tummy time, reaching for toys and will stay there and play happily for a while!

Practicing this sitting up business!

Wyatt at 4 mo old!

Can't get enough of his smiles!!!!!!

Emmett making waffles with mommy!

Went to the school play "Peter Pan"

Yard Cleanup!!!!!  25 bags, yo!!!!!

Ellie's gymnastics competition in Park City!
And….wrestling with Grandpa!

Wyatt and Emmett at 4 mo.

Taya is such a good helper with Wyatt!!!!

The girls and I went to see Cinderella!!!! It was such a great movie!!!!

On Dr. Seuss Day, the girls planned FHE:)

Sometimes, you just gotta let em'!

Found this gem from a couple months ago:)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

My kind of ordinary…..

Sometimes my pictures just look like ordinary things…..but times is going by so swiftly!!! I don't want to forget the ordinary days with my little family, and all their idiosyncrasies:) So sometimes phone pictures are what I get to capture these moments….they may not be the best quality, but they'll do:)

Taya's To-Do lists (Just like mine growing up)
THe Kids playing …well reading…quietly for hours in their homemade Library.
haircuts with beard trimmers
Love Notes from Daddy when he is away
FHE!!!! My kids are so creative!
2 year old happenings!
School programs
CUTE baby faces!!!!