Friday, October 31, 2014


 Taya's class preformed a spooky program with the lights out and flashlights and all….it was pretty cool!

Halloween night, we set out for a fun night in our neighborhood, and then went to Lilian's neighborhood so Taya could run around with her best friend:)
No October Baby:)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Craig and Brittany's (mostly Brittany's) Cousin Halloween Party!!!!!!

Pumpkin Carving!!!!!

Halloween Bash 2014

The Place: Frogley Fun House!!!


Smoked pulled pork sandwiches, fruit cabobs, and carmel apples!!!!!!! YUMMY! 
Plus some veggies and stuff people brought:)

 Chuck and Wilson

 "Deviled Egg"

 Tiger Lilly and Captain Hook


 Pumpkin and Cat:)

 Batman, with his little bat baby, and Witch


 Princess and her prince!

 Mary Poppins and Bert

 Garth and Wayne

 Skeletons……they may or may not have borrowed our costumes from last year:)

 Greek God and Godess

 Uncle Sam and Rosie

Guess the shoe size

Flip the hanky!

Doughnut on a string!!!!!

Pennies in Pantyhose!!!!

Balance and Blow the cards