Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back To School!!!!!! August 19th, 2014

Summer is gone already!!!!! CRAZINESS!!!!!!
Flew by, which, in some ways, I'm grateful- means being pregnant is almost to an end:)
But my girls are growing up!!!!! Can't believe it!!!!

So we started the week off with Father Blessing from Daddy....including me! To help us make this a great year!!!!!
(Sienna barfed on our way out the door to church on glad she was better in time for the first day!)
Sienna is in first grade....and just started Immersion!!! I was very nervous for her, but she hopped in the car afterwards gushing at how much fun she had, " I said all the Chinese words, and didn't speak English, and I ate a sandwhich, chocolate milk, and apples, and I just had so much fun in first grade!!!!!!" I almost cried I was so grateful!!!!

Taya is a pro, and was excited to  find out all her friends were still in the same class! She was excited to tell me about her new teachers and the new ways they are learning!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Our walk-to park!
Herriman Reservoir with Nish and Hill
 Ice and Cream and the Beard
Snuggles with Emmett
Hangin out our Garments to dry- the dryer is broken!
Cooking Class awards
Nathan's nighttime snack- just a "bowl" of cereal!
Nathan's 32nd Birthday
What's more summer than a nap in the hammock!

Our Country yard.....")

 I love how country our back yard is! It makes us feel like we live out in the middle of nowhere with a lot of land.....but we still have the convenience of everything we need:), because it's so close to everywhere. 
 Love it!!!

McCall July 2014

Marti Party up in McCall!!!!!! Almost had EVERYONE there this year....just missing Ryan! But it's been way tooo long since we could all hang out. We had sooooo much fun!

I was in charge of family clothing this year....and we've never done sweats.......Stand Strong McCall 2014 down along the side:) Pretty cute, and we did the font in red so they would go with our Red Sweatshirts! Love them! Perfect for night and morning skiing:)

We did the traditional candy throw after we celebrated a bunch of the summer birthdays!
And we finally took some family pictures......there was a very cool walll- but just the wrong time of day.....much too bright- so we got some funny pics out of that. But we found some shade and those turned out VERY cute!

Some funnies and highlights: Nathan's wretsling session, Jeff on the phone, Grandpa falling asleep ANYwhere, water colors, tennis, the bicycle gang, Janie being inducted into teenager years, adult date night, beach day, fabric rag dolls, the pool, and girls bike trip to town for fabric and treats!