Friday, July 18, 2014

My Boy is 2!!!!!!

A Sunday Afternoon Photo Shoot!
He sure is ALLLLL BOY and sure loves his daddy:) I think he wants to be just like him!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

May 2014


We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Frogley's house for Chase's homecoming! So fun to see everyone!

We played at the park and had picnics and the cousins had so much fun being together!
Reese, Taya, Mack, Beau, Maili, Sienna- the girls with the babies! As usual:)

We also got to spend some time with Alex Marti family! We went to the splash pad and made pizzas on their YUMMY pizza oven!

Then we headed back home for the last few days of school!!!
The girls loved dancing in their classes dance festival!!!!!

May 2014 Phone Pics!


 Well it seems I have sooooo many phone pics this year........just because I've been sick all year long, so all I could muster was my phone.....but how grateful I am to even have those!!!!!
So here goes the whirlwind!

May started with Power of Moms Retreat that was amamzing!!!!! Got to listen to the Eyre's! Famous writers and wonderful parents and it was at their home!!!!! SO cool! Got to spend the day with some wonderful mommies and have dinner!!!! Daddy did amazing and had fun with the kids, plus cleane the garage, fixed the air compressor, lawn mover, and started on our ottoman project!!!!! lOve him!!!!

P.S. Jenilyn was driving on the way home and got pulled over!!!!! She was speeding:) The lady cop was very nice....soon to be grandmother that evening, so I'm sure that helped her be in a better mood! But was glad to just see us all in our seatbelts and impressed we were returning from a trip about how to be better she let us go with just a warning!!!!!! Hip Hip Horray!!!!

Prego picture in week 14!!!!! So happy to be out of my 2nd, 1st semester finally!!!!!!!! Ive been prego much too long.......I would've had my baby already! Glad all is going well though and on the road to feeling a little better!:)

We've been working SOOOOOOO hard on our yard!!!!! The garden is ready to be sowed and the fire pit is in!!!!! We celebrated with our first fire.......REALLY love our back yard!

Riverview had a FUN RUN! The girls did the mile and did great!!!! GO OTTERS!!!!! Daddy ran with them for support and Taya took off on her own and was pretty fast:)

Emmett and his window to the world!!!!!

LEtter boxing with the Petersens!!!! SO fun!

Our babies are 2!!!!!! Can't believe it!!! And the newest littles! James and Hugo!

An early peek at some VERY clear shots that this baby is a BOY!!!!!!!!!! Charity Gray, in our ward, works in Labor and Delivery, and let us come in on a slow Sunday night to take a little peak!!!! I am sometimes still in shock!!!! It's going to be so hard to think of a boy name!

A beautiful picture of my mom I found while scanning Marti photos! I just love it:) Happy Mother's Day!

Emmett finally got some work gloves JUST like Daddy! He couldn't be more happy!

A quick fun trip to Boise to see Uncle Chase home from his Peruvian Mission.....he seems just the same:)
Got to see Crystal and Heidi!! Like Father, Like Son Pictures. Got to visit My mom, Shawn, and Sage's gravesites. And got to visit the Steele's for Memorial Day breakfast!!!! Yeah! P.S. malia and Goose are moving back to Idaho!

Emmett trying to poop on the his diaper, but hey, he's not even 2 yet....he's just getting used to the idea:) And also waiting in the dark, in his rocker, with a book, for mom to come read him his goodnight book:)

The year came and went!!!!! The girls had GREAT teachers!!!! Mrs. Darling even gave me a hug thanking me for being such a great parent becasue Taya was such a good student- had to translate through Taya of course because this was her Chines teacher:) Mrs. Olive was such a support as well!!! Mrs. Davis was so patient with Sienna, and I'm so grateful!!!! She will not be coming back nexxt year becaseu she just had a baby girl, named Navy.......OSOOOoooooo cute!

Emmett getting his summer haircut from Daddy as Sienna feeds his chocolate chips so he'll be a good boy and hold still:) I love his little army buzz cut!!!!:)

First night of summer couldn't be better!!!! Fire pit for hot dogs and smores and then staying up late on the tramp looking at a clear sky of stars!!!! The girls thought it was sooooo fun!!!!! Me too:) Love my little family!!!

OH! And our finished Ottoman project that Nathan and I worked on together all day.....turned out just as we wished:)