Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 2014

We finally got to see Hugo and James- just didn't get a picture:)

It's official, the civic is dead. It threw a rod while Nathan was driving it home, and the engine blew. We had to tow it home:( Time to look for a new car.

Back to working out- lovin my new shuffle under the water!!! Amazing!!!

Nathan has been working SO HARD. Here is a glimpse of what his warehouse looks like! Full of product:)

I can always tell what Sienna is enjoying at school by what she plays when at home. This was her "great experience" aka experiment. The glasses were the magnifying lenses, and they were to look at the rock, and draw a picture of what you see:) So cute!!!
Not sure what the numbers were for, but it was all a part of the "experience"!!!

We are getting LOTS of snow, and the kids are loving it!

Year Membership at the Legacy Center went on sale- so we got one!!!!!!
I know what we will be doing all summer long!!!!
And we got to try out our new tails!!!!!
Taya did amazing swimming just like a mermaid under water- I have the coolest video!
(P.S. we love our under water camera!)

Frogley Family Pics : December 2013

 Grandpa took a bunch, but here are just a few that I snapped:)

The babies we added this year
Demry, Elynn, Beau, and Mack!!!

Emmett at 18 months!


Emmett at 18 months!!!!
Stats: Almost 28 lbs and 35 inches tall. In the 98%!!!!!!!!
You finally get to go to nursery!!!!!!
You love it, sometimes you might cry for one minute, but then you find the cars and you are a happy camper!
You are pretty much saying anything now that we tell you to say, and talking lots on your own- mostly one syllables, but starting 2 and 3 syllables, and 2 word sentences by the time you were 19 months! Talking like your mama when she was a baby:)
You love to ride your horse, and say "yeehaw", And dance in the santa hat and say, "ho ho ho!"
You are your momma's little boy and such a snuggle bug- I just love it!!!
You are soooooo active, and a happy baby! Everybody just wants to kiss you and kiss you!!!!!

Loves playing with Evy and Ames:)

Loves to color!

I think he learned this in Nursery....."Shhhhhh"

He so good at taking a moment to lay down and relax.
Sometimes it just feels good to roll around:)

We celebrated Taya!!!!

Taya was the Ollie Otter Award last for December
For working so hard, being a good example, and being a good friend!

She also won a reading contest for her grade level and got to go to the Who-Ville Feast with all the other winners!
Go Taya! We love you!