Friday, January 31, 2014

November 2013 Phone pics

Reading, Putting up Christmas, playdough, doing hair and building forts!;)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Emmett in November

 He used to be terrified of the vacuum, now he cries for a turn!

Being mischeivious on a Saturday  morning! Still don't know how he got that jar open!!!

 Atop the table with markers and scissors in hand!!!!

 Helpin daddy with the tools.....

On the couch with mom. He's been a reall snuggle bug lately:)

Hollows Eve!!!! 2013

 The girls costume parade at school:)
Emmett: Braveheart
Sienna: Little Mermaid
Taya: Pirate Beauty

 So excited to get candy!!!!!

I announced I was pregnant on Instagram! 11 weeks

6th Annual Halloween Party!

The guests and their costumes!!!

Nathan and I were skeletons- announcing our baby news:) 

Emily and Ivan patterson: Thing 1 and Thing 2

 Katie and Andy Athens: Cowboy and Cowgirl

John and Jenilyn Peterson: Kermit and Miss Piggy

Tyler and Chaleese Hukill: Despicable me Minions

Dave and Sarah Aller: Sims

Brandon and Hillary Collette: Soccer player and coach

David and Naloni Young: Elf and Mrs. Claus     Thomas and Bethany Kramer: The French:)

Mike and Ashley Smith : walrus and Trainer

Josh and Jessica Swainston: as themselves:)

We had yummy food- much of which I did not prepare, because I was still pretty sick with my pregnancy, so things were kept to a minimum. But we had fun games, and everyone had a blast!

The paperplate game is always a favorite: where you draw  a holiday inspired picture without looking! Jessi was the winner! And hers looked awesome!

Then we played some games inspired by "Hollywood Game Night"
Like Name that toon by doo-doo-ing

And Get your captain to name the word by each person on your team describing it one word at a time.

And of course the dough nut eating contest!!!!!!!!
It was a close call between Jenilyn and Mike- but Mike barely beat her!!!!

And the Costume Contest Winners were of course: Mike and Ashley Smith- the Walrus and Trainer!!!