Monday, September 16, 2013

First Day of School!!!!!

Taya started August 20th!

Then Sienna started the 27th!!!

This is our new school!!!!
It's closer to us now that we live in Lehi, but still out of our boundaries, but we go because of the Chinese Immersion!!!
It was just rated #1 school in Utah County, and in the top 10 for the whole state!!!!

 This cute girl!!!! She made me cry after the first day of school when she ran to me, arms open, and gave me the biggest, tightest hug. Then looked up at me, with her eyes beaming, and said, "Mom, I made a friend!"

I had no idea she was so worried about it! But Last year, she and her best friend went to church and to school together- so she always had a buddy. But so glad that she is great at making friends!!!!

They dressed as twins the night before school:)

 I just love this pose!!!
My little Miss Kindergarten is ready to go!! She's got her hello kitty socks, Mermaid shirt, Lalaloopsie Backpack, and with a blessing last night, she's feelin' good! Can't you tell!!!! So excited for her!

 Daddy gave us all, yep, including me, a blessing for the new year! We loved it!

Emmett's First Hair Cut!!!!!




 Gettin' used to it, it kinda tickles, look at my hair!

Emmett's Summer!

 He "shoo-s" flies away and tries to "get them" with a spatula or something else while Daddy is getting them with the fly swatter.
When I say, "Daddy's Home!" he runs to the door.
When I ask," where is daddy?" he goes to the garage
Loves to hammer or anything, and uses daddy's drill, and will make the noise by doing the "f" sound.
Loves my utensil drawer and to steall my dish scrubber!

Weighs about 27 lbs
Some words he has: dada, mama, dog, shoes, wow, don't
He also says: ruff ruff, and does the monkey sound

 Figured out how to turn up the music and dance!!!

Loves to play outside with the girls and is obsessed with his blue car!:)

 SOOOOOO cute when he kneels down to pray with us!!!

Meet his dog!!!! He LOVES it to death, likes to chew on his nose at bed time:)
 Havin' a hay day in the girls room while they are at school:)

 First REAL tantrum......he didn't want to get out of the driving cars that are attached to the shopping carts at Macey's!

Pictures back in July/Aug when we was getting the walking thing down:)

He liked to read and play in the bathroom.....and pictured below is his favorite hiding place:)

 He lets me know when he is ready to eat!
He'll get his bib, or a bowl and go to his high chair:)

 Gets into those wipes whenever he can!!!!

This Is The Place Park, SLC, UT

(stamping leather)
This was our first time visiting "This Is The Place"
It was way fun and had tons to do! We needed to spend an enire day, but only had a few hours:)

 Lenora, Emmett, and Drew

 Carry your hand cart!
Jake, Sienna, Taya, Kate, Luke

 Splish Splash in the Splash Pad!

Checking out the Teepees and the School house!

August 9th, 2013! Happy Birthday Daddy!

 Daddy turned 31! So we made him cards and cookies and went camping with the Petersens!!!

 Ended the night with glowing flying toys:)