Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trip to Boise!

 Since we were there long enough, I got to stay with lots of family. We stayed at Emily's house and had so much fun chatting, garage sale shopping, girls night in (while boys were at father son camp out), and went to church! So great to be with her and her family!

I also got to spend some one on one time with my aunt Vicki and uncle Terry!
We had dinner and decorated cookies outside on their porch- great fun catching up with her!

I was glad we were able to be there to help out Ang in her big move to Las Vegas!!!!!!

So we took some pictures on the Sunday we would see them last
(Not quite sure what happened to this one- but my phone is being silly!!!!)

Ang had a big going away party to see everyone one last time, Emmett was pooped! So he snuggled up to sleep with Mommy:)
 Packing up!

LOTS of hugs and kisses that day!

Dancing in the finally empty house!:)

 While we stayed with Alex and Wendy, we went swimming, went to the park, went to the zoo, went on a bike ride to the Steele's, and Wendy cut my hair! Soo fun to be with them!

The only problem, they were on the same day- at the same time!!!!!!
But we did our best and made it to parts of both.
At Bailey's, I really felt like my mom was there- I think the rest of the fam thought so as well! Could feel her right by us during the baptism and especially during the confirmation- such a sweet experience.
Then we hightailed it down the street to Keaton's and made it just in time for Travis to confirm Keaton and give him the blessing of the Holy Ghost:) So glad we made it!

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