Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whose Game Is It Anyway!!!!!!

This was my last activity I was in charge of at our Geneva Heights 6th ward right before we moved. It was a hit, and soooo much fun!
Visit my other blog Get-your-stitch-on.blogspot.comto see more pics and all the rules! Sooo fun!

Malia! I call her Mali-lah:)

I finally got to catch up with one of my very best of friends over breakfast as she and her hubby were driving through! I miss her company and sure do love her and her family!

Upadtes on Taya and Sienna

 Pictures of my girls on the last days they were 6 and 4!!!! Growing up too fast!

 This is a funny story!!!!
We had gotten back from Boise a day ago. They kids were pooped!!!! They were in bed, then about midnight, Sienna woke up- or I thought she was awake. She was sleep walking! She came out to the kitchen, went to the pantry, opened the door, turned around, and started pulling her pants down like she was going to go to the bathroom! I had to run and stop her and take her to the real bathroom! I think we had been gone so long, she forgot where she was! Ha, it was so funny!

After Picture!!!! The day before daddy came home from China, Taya got her cast off!!!!! Everything looks great! and she's now got full mobility!!!! She was so brave as the nurse was cutting the cast off!
Hip Hip horray!

Memorial Weekend

June phone pics of "Em n' Em" - Sienna's new nich name for Emmett! (like the chocolate candy M n' M)

Waving "hello!"

Such a little ham, but so fun to have this welcome you back through the door:)
Such a boy! Loves to drive trucks and cars on the floor:)

Likes to color on Sienna's aqua-doodle:)
and is a pro at stacking the circle blocks on the pole now:)

In his BIG BOY forward facing car seat! 
We had to switch him just a little early, he was over the height limits for his rear facing one- not safe anymore.

Water Baby!

 The kids had a great time at James Walker's first birthday party!

Emmett LOVES the water!

Happy Father's Day 2013!

 Daddy was still very jet-lagged, but he loved his breakfast in bed!")

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Emmett's face REALLY says it all:)
We were all exstatic when daddy got to come home,....and a day early at that!!!!

He brought lots home to spoil us:)

Plus he got me a dress too:)