Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Baby is ONE year old!!!

 Happy Birthday Emmett!
Official stats:
32 inches long- 99%
24 lbs- 81%
head: 18.5- 77%
All in all, well above average- he's a BIG boy!!!

He took his first steps a few weeks ago, and has done it again a few times, but really just wants to sit down and crawl right now:)
He is teething his 1 yr old molars!!! Yikes!
Loves to snuggle, and point, and hold up 1 finger for turning 1!
Is drinking whole milk- didn't like it at first, so I added some coconut milk, and he loved it! Then just gradually  added less and less.
Nursed for the last time on his birthday morning, and has been doing awesome!!!!! Just a little more thirsty:) Drinking out of sippee cups and ones with straws- he LOVES straws:)
Sleeping about 11-12 hours at night
Taking a short morning nap, then a little bit longer one in the afternoon. I think he will start just taking 1 here pretty soon:)
He is OBSESSED with fruit! Strawberries, apples, grapes, watermelon, bananas, cantaloupe- would eat those over anything else, any day:)

 Singing "Happy Birthday" to himself:)

 He started out slow, and then dove right in!
He loved his banana muffin with fudg-y topping:)

Friday, June 21, 2013

JUNE 17, 2013: Taya turns 7!!!!!!!!

 Daddy really went crazy on the donuts this time!!!!
Luckily there was enough for all of us to share these 2 big bad boys!
 Saw these cute camp chairs last year at macey's..... but they were all out of frogs!!! We have been looking allllllll year! Well, just last week, they came back to Maceys!!!! So we got them for the whole crew!!
Our little frogs!

And.. the girls are wearing the clothes that grandpa and grandma Marti gave them when they came over for Father's Day dinner. They wore them for 3 days straight!!!!
PLUS, grandma made each of the girls a very cute diaper bag/purse- they already filled them up and have been hauling them everywhere:)

 Taya requested Orange chicken, rice and green beans for dinner....oh and pot stickers! DOn't forget the pot stickers!!!
Then she wanted a butterfly cake (like the one she looks at in our blog books from her first birthday), but with purple and orange stripped frosting!!!
Tall order, but we made it work!

Taya is my little helper! She reminds me so much of myself! Independent, great at making friends, confident, follows the rules, if you explain it to her, she gets it:) She is such a blessing in out house and a great big sister! What an awesome example all the kids have to look up too:)
We love you Taya, happy birthday!

Stupendous, Soaking, Saturday, Sister, Shindig!!!!!

You’re invited to our
Stupendous, Soaking, Saturday, Sister, Shindig
(It’s a birthday party for sisters; Taya and Sienna, with really close birthdays!)

Stick your swimsuit and towel in your shoulder bag for some superb, showering, slippery, fun!!!!!

This sensational social strings out from 2-4 pm
Saturday, June 15th at the Frogley Shack
Send a quick email or text if you will show

 When you have 3 birthdays in 8 days, plus a Father's Day in between, you make things really simple!
Good thing we really love donuts around here!:)

 Sienna, Ellie, and Iris

 Balloon toss.....with really sensitive balloons!

 The crew yelling "Happy Birthday!"
Sienna, Taya, Maya, Ashlin
Iris, Ellie, Kate, Mae
( Taya's best friend Emma completely forgot, she called that night to apologize and they took her to lunch on her real birthday!)

 The only boys around:)

JUNE 14th, 2013: Sienna turns 5!!!!!

Sienna LOVES anything mermaid these days!!!!! She loved the Mermaid baby I found her for 2 bucks at a yard sale! Including a singing bottle:)

 For her birthday dinner she choose pizza and bread sticks, and cupcakes for dessert!

Sienna has her own way of doing things. She is strong willed about doing it on her terms. She is timid around those she doesn't know, or even most grown ups, but boy can she dance, and sing, and make her brother laugh like no one else:) She LOVES to be loved, and really wants to love those around her, even if its a little too hard for little baby brother Emmett:) She's a funky spirit, with a loud voice, though you'd never know it if you knew her from the outside. She is full of surprises and makes this life so fun!
We love you sienna! Happy Birthday!

Boise Part 3: Eagle Island

Emmett and Demry with Grandma Frogley
 Taya, Emmett, Maili, Evy
 Maili and Taya
 Sienna and Lilly

 Boston and Keaton- they're like the big boys now!
 Lilly, Wendy, Sienna
 Taya, Maili, bailey
 Austin, maili

 Reese, Evy
Deacon, Taya and her broken arm all wrapped up!
We had such a good time, can't believe I lived in Boise all my life and have never been! We will be going back!!!