Saturday, May 11, 2013


 I like this one below because of Emmett and Sienna:)
 And now it really is official. We just an email yesterday saying that Nathan's grades were in, that he actually graduated, and that the diploma will be sent in the mail:)
 Friday, May 3rd, 2013 at the John Huntsman Center at University of Utah

 College graduation is very different than any I've been to before. Of course they talked forever and about a lot of stuff no body else really wants to hear. We could'be just snuck in at the tail end, because Nathan sat in the stands, filled out a name card, walked down, handed the name card, they read it, took a picture, and then we snuck out:) Pretty funny. They have all those chairs on the center floor for only those graduating with a doctorate degree- so of course there wasn't many. And they pump out the different colleges graduations at UofU about every 2 or 3 hours all on that day.

 I could've gotten a GREAT pic, but the professional photographer over exposed my image with his ginormous flash! Oh well.....we have others from outside:)

 I actually got one with him smiling- its funny, because Nathan really doesn't like University of Utah- way to Liberal for him. But it had his degree, and he's done- so he's happy about that!!:)
 Emmett was wondering WHAT was on daddy's head:)

Taya was probably more excited about this day than anyone. She got to miss school, get her hair curled by grandma, wear daddy's hat, go to a restaurant to eat, have an ice cream sundae that night, and have Grandma and Grandpa here with us:)

We had a little get together to celebrate with ice cream sundaes!!!! So many friends and family came over and we had a great time!
Here is Taya with Chloe- Nathan's cousin Caleb and wife Melissa's little girl.
 And Sienna with Beckom- Nathan's cousin Josh and wife Jessica's little boy.

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