Monday, May 13, 2013

Taya Jaya

We had a bit of a scare with Taya! She had a fever one day, so I kept her home. It was gone the next morning. Sent her to shcool on Friday. Then on Monday, she complained of a headache and her nexk hurt, and then the school called that afternoon and she had a fever again. So I went and got her. Then she kept complaining about her neck hurting- I thought she had kinked her muscle, but we looked some stuff up online, and they said if a child has a stiff neck- it could be anything, BUT if it is accompanied by a fever- go to the ER right away, these are the early symptoms of meningitis- and it can work fast! So we took her in, and the doc said it probably wasn't meningitis- because of the time that had passed from this morning when she had a stiff neck, she most likely would have been in a coma if it was, but you jsut NEVER know, and with this, they want to make sure it is not, and the only was to rule it out was a blood draw. Taya was so brave- she watched the nurse do the whole thing- a lot like me in that sense:) The nurse kept telling her and Nathan how impressed she was because she held so still, didn't flinch or cry, and since the nurse didn't have a helper, while she was putting the viles away, some blood even spilled out onto the bed, and Taya just watched, no bigee! So while they were waiting, they also did a urinlaysis to see what else could be going on.
Turns out, NO menigitis- thank goodnes!!
But a significant bladder infection- that was causing the fever, and her neck was stiff and hurt because her glands were very swollen due to the infection- so they put her on meds and she got to come home. Nathan was great- it was finals week, and he spent the night at the ER:)

 Taya ...and Sienna... LOVE to look through our blog books and go down memory lane. This day she spent a LONG time looking through one:)

 We made these CUTE tote bags with apple stamping for the girls teachers- and of course in Taya's school colors:)

I just love this picture!
Partied out!!!
We went to one of Nathan's friends 30th birthday party- the girls played hard and got to take a bunch of balloons home!

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