Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Emmett is 11 months!!!!!

What's been going on between 10 and 11 months!
He has another word! Beside Dada and Mama, he says "adun dun" for all done- after eating, changing diaper, getting dressed, etc.! Pretty cute.
Update as of May 17- says " all done" pretty clear:)

He loves to dance, and even sways back and forth when eating something really yummy in his highchair. 

He gets really nervous when we wrestle. He thinks something is getting hurt, and he doesn't like it. He'll whine and cry a little until we stop and let him know that everything is ok:)

He plays peek-a-boo with his blanket- will hold it up, and then pull it down to say "peek-a-boo"! and is also starting to hind his body behind things, like the wall, or couch, or play too.

He puts his play phone, or remote control up by his ear to play telephone or when you say, "Say hello."

Just the other day, I was rocking him to put him down for a nap, and he just pointed to his crib, like he wanted to get in it- let's not mess around, I'm tired! So I put him down, and he went to sleep:)

He likes to do what the big girls do, so he pretends to color with closed markers, or kind of does it with crayons:)

He likes to go into the bathroom and then turn around and shut the door- even if you are trying to follow him in there, he'll shut it right on ya:)

He really likes green beans, cucumbers, and really any kind of fruit, and you LOVE pizza!

Still nursing about 5 times a day.......but today, we start the weening process! Wish us luck!

You were on a little kick of pooping at 5 am! so you would wake up to be changed, but then go back to sleep. The last couple days you were back on your 12 hrs at lets hope it stays now!

His first time wearing "real" shoes! Such cute little feet!!!!!

 Always stickin' his tongue out!

 He's starting to cross his little feet more now, even when he's sitting on the floor, and its darling.
I love his Frogley Flinstone square chubby feet!

I had to baracade him in to sweep and mop....otherwise he just follows me and so do all the crumbs, and he gets a very wet bum!

 He is getting too big!!!!!
He has been above the height limit on his carseat now for a while. It's 30 inches, and he's pushing 31.....just hoping it can last unitl he is just past 11 months- then we can swich him over to the big one year old one!!!!

 FINALLY!!!!  He is back to his good sleeping patterns. For about a month and a half with teething, learning to sit up, stand up, crawl, sit back down, lay back down, and an ear infection, he was waking up and not able to put himself back to sleep. This was taken after he was asleep- he woke up, stood up, cried, and was able to get back down, lay down, and go back to sleep! Hallelujah!

 Our barricades aren't working as well either! And he REALLY like the tub! So he found a way in!:)

 He is obsessed with cords! We had to get him his own to play with and chew on:)

 He loves to help mommy and daddy with the dishes!

 Crazy kid, like to peel onions, and took a few tastes!
He also loved to suck the juice out of a whole half lemon!!!

 Always teething, so we play tug-a-war with teething rings!

 Sweet Sunday Snoozes!

 I was busy making meals and muffins for people in the ward, Emmett was being really wonder! He found the chocolate Chex!!!!

 And these I found for a sweet deal when I happened across Kmart's Clearance!! 3.99!!!!! One for now, and one for a few years from now!

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