Monday, April 22, 2013

Emmett is 10 months!!!


 Love how he sticks his tongue out concentrating!

and now he doesn't stop- this house has never had a moving baby in it......we have not baby proofed!

He's got 8 teeth now!!!!!
and he's a biter!- what do we do about that! He gives hugs, and then will bite your neck cause he's so excited!
He says mama and dada a lot more now:)

Some other funnies!!!!!
He is TERRIFIED of the blow dryer!

 Likes to play "London bridges" with Sienna:)

 Gets to fly with daddy:)

 Oh! He crawled right in to the bathroom, and right into the tub with me!!!!!!
Soaking wet.....and then screaming!

 One of his new favorite spots!

Have I ever mentioned how much this kid LOVES straws- he loves to have one in his mouth to chew on!:)
 My poor baby was sick and having a hard time sleeping- so I caught my Z's when I could:)

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