Monday, April 22, 2013

Emmett is 10 months!!!


 Love how he sticks his tongue out concentrating!

and now he doesn't stop- this house has never had a moving baby in it......we have not baby proofed!

He's got 8 teeth now!!!!!
and he's a biter!- what do we do about that! He gives hugs, and then will bite your neck cause he's so excited!
He says mama and dada a lot more now:)

Some other funnies!!!!!
He is TERRIFIED of the blow dryer!

 Likes to play "London bridges" with Sienna:)

 Gets to fly with daddy:)

 Oh! He crawled right in to the bathroom, and right into the tub with me!!!!!!
Soaking wet.....and then screaming!

 One of his new favorite spots!

Have I ever mentioned how much this kid LOVES straws- he loves to have one in his mouth to chew on!:)
 My poor baby was sick and having a hard time sleeping- so I caught my Z's when I could:)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

The girls were treated!
They got to go on a fun date night with Grandma and Grandpa to a play, and dinner afterwards!
They didn't stop talking about it until their heads hit the pillows!
Thanks gma and gpa!

Conference weekend!

Conference was wonderful, but we were NOT!!!!
We were all sick.....except Sienna- who got bored with us and fell asleep in her closet playing:)
Just terrible sick- Started with Taya about 6am, and then Emmett, and Me and Nathan. In the bathroom all day and night! NOT FUN!!!!
(fyi- Nathan has not thrown up in over 10 years- he was miserable!)

Rub a Dub Dub, Emmett loves the Tub!

 Here are those "broad" boy shoulders that got stuck when he was born!
I mean, he's all solid! He's so tall, and weighs 23 lbs......but not a ton of rolls to show for it.....just solid BOY:)

Egg hunt at Grandma lorna's!

Jake, Luke
Ellie, Ruby, Taya, Sienna, Lenora, Kate

We had a great time and yet another egg hunt!
This time some of the eggs had money!!!!
 Emmett, Lenora, Calvin, Drew

Eggs, Ducks, and sticks, oh my!....don't forget the poo!

 The kids had SUCH a fun time exploring at the park. We sat down next to the play fixture....but had to move because the nature surrounding us was far more interesting  for the kids:)
They journeyed around and around the pond, and around again!

 Calvin and Emmett really enjoyed stealing things from one another....whether it be sticks, crackers, markers, or even duck times!

 Can you see the drool.....:)

Sticks are a boys best friend:)

 They found a nest......and looks like some othe kids did too:(

 A beautiful day at the park!