Saturday, February 23, 2013

Emmett's 8th month!!!!

 Can I just say how much I LOVE my kids! I am still amazed at how much your heart can love- there is always room for more!!! I'm just so happy. And my family brings me so much JOY, sometimes it is  hard to express and put into words! And sometimes I just don't want to do anything else but be with my family. Sometimes life is hard, and challenging,  it wears on us, and the stress levels spike, but these pictures bring so much joy, and peace, and calms my body, and puts a smile in my heart. Taya, Sienna, and Emmett- I just want to eat you up I love you so! :)

(Tiger babe- I love you too, and you know how much!)

 Emmett has been BUSY this past month!!!!!!!

Some new things he's been up too:
Pointing at everything, and manipulating toys and faces with just his pointer finger.

Using his pincer grip very well to feed himself.

Waving goodbye, and hello.


Attacks us with wide open mouth.

Teething, and teething, and teething- 6 teeth!!!!
We know a tooth is breaking through when he is up allllllll night!
He bit me once! I cried, he cried,.....hasn't done it again:)
He got sick this month and wouldn't eat- I nearly lost my milk!!!!! had to start pumping- luckily we were both patient enough to feed and eat more and more to get it back up again!

Blowing zuperts while nursing. HA!

Gives really good hugs and kisses.

Copies us and shakes his head yes and no.
When he doesn't want something, he'll shake no too:) and push it away his hand.

Hides his face in his carseat and then lifts it up to play peak-a-boo with the girls!

Likes to swing his body back and forth to hit his head in his seat, or on the couch!

Says "all done" in sign language when done eating or he doesn't want something any more- and I swear last night he was frustrated and kindof crying and saying "all-d, all-d" as if trying to say: all done- we'll see:)

Does situps- Nathan will lay him down and hold his legs for him, and he will completely sit up all by himself!!!!!!! Then Nathan pushes his body back down and he'll do it again!!!!

AND can stand for a few seconds all by himself:)

Talking to baby jibber jabber of course, but he is saying it with real intent.

Likes to yell at the girls and sings along to lullaby's at night time:)

Likes to play on his new music toy, and sometimes likes his johnny jumper.

Plays with his cousins that are just his age:)

Loves to ride shotgun in the cart!

 Dancin' with the girls ... and LOVIN' it!!!!!

Slow Dancing with big sis:)

Eyes closed....getting in the mood:)

Valentines Day!

 Nathan and I were able to go help at Taya's Valentine's Day Party- we played minute to win it games with M&M's and straws at our station- pretty fun!!!!
Taya LOVES when Emmett gets to come to her school- she so misses him while she is gone:)

 For the boys we made hug bowties, and for the girls we made kiss bling bling rings!

 My Pretty girls helped me make some little fruit tarts for my February Relief Society Meeting:)
They were delish--- find them on  my "FORGET DINNER, WHERE'S DESSERT?" board on Pinterest!

Homemade Butterfingers!!!!! DELISH!

Made these for our Super Bowl Party 
They were a HIT!!!!!!

Super EASY recipe!

1 lb. candy corn
16oz jar peanut butter
16oz pkg. chocolate candy coating

Melt candy corn in microwave on high 1 minute. Stir and continue cooking in 15-second intervals til melted, stirring after each interval. Stir in peanut butter. Spread mixture in an 8x8 pan lined with parchment. Cool completely. Cut into squares. Dip in melted chocolate candy coating. Lay on waxed paper to set.

Just some normal days at the Frogley Home:)

 Taya's whole school got to go to a skating rink! Taya actually did pretty well once she practiced a little, and Sienna could do it on the carpet pretty darn well too! It was a fun night!

 Sometimes the winter makes us sleepy----- these two BOTH snoozed for almost 3 hours----- did I mention AT THE SAME TIME! And Sienna climbed into her bed on her own, I came walking in and asked if she wanted the light off- she simply said yes, and rolled over to sleep:)- not even sick:)

 Toys, and then clean up have been taking over our lives, ..and our house!!!!!!!

So, after 3 months of thinking if I really could do it, I just did!
Packed up all the kids toys, got rid of the ones we didn't want, put the rest in bins.
I let them each have a pink bin in their doll house for their special things- very special toys, stuff form school, stuff from friends, ...stuff they want to keep out all the time- but if the bin starts to overflow- they have to go through it and clean it out.
Now each Sat/Sun, the girls pick out what they want to play with for the week and put it in the basket in above picture, once the basket is full- that's it. 
It's like a library check out for the toys, the really get into their play, because they aren't overwhelmed by all of them, they clean up in less than 5 minutes, and mommy is less stressed:)
Plus, they still feel like they are in control because they get to pick out what they want each week:)- and they really like that when I say, "clean up", they look in their room and say, "oh, our room is barely messy" and it's quick!

 No cavity club!!!!! The girls did great at the dentist!!!
The last visit was Sienna's first- and it was a tad bit traumatic for her.
I was soooo PROUD of how brave she was this time!!!! She even got to put 3 pom poms in our GREAT behavior jar because she did so well- she was ecstatic!

 Taya is my little fashion-ista!!!! And I think she always will be:)
She's always talking about "fashion", into make up and doing her hair, and wanting me to make her a cute pencil skirt (which I TOTALLY will once my stinkin' machine is fixed!!!!)

A typical afternoon of gorilla babies, tea party with Chinese soup, hair extensions/peices clipped in, and marker flowers as the centerpiece:)

February Sledding!

 It has continued to snow here in Utah!!! 
So the Dad added on to our man-made sledding hill in out backyard!!! Take a look at these sweet steps to get up to the platform!!!........ and then yeeeehaaaaaw- off you go, even if it's a weeknight,  you just got your homework done, and you want to get a few runs in before the sun in completely down:)

Then, we got together with some of the fam in town and ate a yummy lunch, and took a few rides down a hill up in Draper!
The kids had a blast!

 Since there wasn't enough room, Sienna volunteered to push the little ladies down the hill:)

 What a fun run!!