Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emmett's 7th month!!

(His eyes are still changing color- not quite blue anymore, not brown,....I'm secretly hoping he will be green like his momma!:) )

He said his FIRST WORD on December 27th!!!!!!
DADDY was talking to him and telling him to say, "Da Da."
Well...... he did!!!!!!!
Daddy was pretty proud!:)


We got home from our vacation, and Emmett had caught a bug!!!! He was so sick, it was so sad. He had a fever, runny nose, getting a cough, wouldn't stay asleep longer than about 20 minutes- and the roughest patch (right through New Year's Eve), he didn't sleep for 3 days!!!!! No joke! Nathan and I literallly took shifts with him out in the living room every couple hours trying to get any sleep ourselves- IT WAS MISERABLE for ALL of us!!
And of course, our doctors office was closed through the weekend and the holidays! So we had to go to a Doc in the Box- which everyone else and their dog went to!!! I swear, if we weren't sick before we went there, we sure would've been when we left! It was like an epedemic of Pertussis- everyone coughing and wearing masks- good thing I just got my booster and Emmett got his vaccine!!!! Holy smokes!!!
Anyway- it was a cold gone bad......meaning, turning into an ear infection!!!
Which means antibiotics- which he HATES- I felt so bad trying to get him to swallow it- 
Which them means diarrhea.....
which then means diaper rash......
But we did survive and are feeling much better!
 Trying to catch some sleep any way we could!
It seemed to help a little if he was propped up, or snuggled into us.........for a bit.
We finally figured out the other half to this puzzle of fussiness!!!!
HIS FIRST TOOTH arrived Jan 4th!!!
He would make this funny face feeling it with his lip and tongue")
(And his second the 11th, and third on the 12th!)

 After what would look like torture to an outsider of trying to get medicine down his throat- he DID NOT trust us to put anything in his mouth- he had to feed himself EVERYTHING- made for some messy feedings for about a week!

Daddy brought home these fun crowns from work:)

 This kid loves cucumbers!!!! So funny!

 Mr. Big Stuff!!!

Funny kid!!!!

Your arms are getting stronger to push yourself up......we may actually have a "true" crawler this time 'round:)

 Mommy LOVES you SO much!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Daddy, why don't you just build a sledding hill!!

 His eyes look green in this pic..........they keep changing.......We'll see!!

We wanted to take the kids sledding.......but it was FRIGID!!!!
Well, daddy could just build a hill in the backyard with all the snow we've got!!!
So, he did!
The kids LOVED it and have played on it all week!

Even Emmett had a turn:)

 My handsome boys!!


 The girls learned how to make snowflakes.....and now they can't stop.....it's been everyday for almost a week now!!! So cute:)
Very fitting for the weather outside!

Once there was a snowman tall, Tall, TALL!!!!

 This is NOT joke!
The biggest snowman I've ever seen....or heard of!
We found it in a neighborhood just right behind Target here in Orem, and couldn't help but go check it out!
So cool!!!
We checked- it's real snow!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Water painting in the snow!!!!!

 We had a fun storm come through while we had been stuck at home when Emmett was sick, so we put some colored water in some bottles and the girls had fun drawing in the snow:)
 Taya wrote her name in the snow:)

(Daddy had some fun too") )
It was a big storm- and because it was SO FREEZING- the snow stayed around for a long time! Some days it got down to -6!!!!!!!!!

"Santa came while we were in Boise!!!!!!!"

 That's right!
We got home Thursday night to find that Santa had come to our house in Orem just as the girls had requested!
We asked the girls, and Taya responsibly responded, "well, let's just have him come here because we would have to pack all our stuff back to Orem in the car, and our stuff might get lost in Boise, so lets just have Santa come to our home in Orem while we are gone, and we can see it when we get back."