Saturday, December 22, 2012

Emmett's 6th Month!!!

I can't believe my baby is half a year old!!!!
I just LOVE him so much! I can't say it enough, and I can't kiss him enough!
His little cheeks get rosy after he nurses and its so adorable.
He is chomping on his toes!!!!
He is a pro at sitting up!
He really is such a good baby!:)
Weighed in at 20 lbs!
29 inches long!

Every little boy needs a hammer:)

 His "rosy" cheeks after nursing:) and helping mom with the laundry.

 This is his new little thing in the car....he is becoming so aware of what is around him:)

 Sienna was having fun with you in the back seat as we waited for Taya at school:)

The girls were playing restaraunt, and you were their first guest!
( This was my chair when I was little- my Grandma Janet made it for me!)
 Your new favorite position to relax- hands behind your head:)

Can you see your little picture in the baby mirror - all 3 conked out!:)

Sienna playin' with you again- from a girl to a cowboy- so versatile:)
She thought she was pretty funny!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Emmett's First Meal!!!!! (well, more like a taste:) )

(Emmett had a cold- so his little eyes were red- but it didn't stop him from enjoying himself!) 

5.5 months

He LOVES his sip-ee cup, sometimes can get water out of it, but mostly likes to hold it and chew on the top right now:)

 He likes his first bite of oatmeal!

 Eager to help!

Reachin' for more!
 Do you see this death grip!!!! ha!:)

 (workin' the camera the whole time)
 I usually wait till 6 months, but he has been interested in our food so much lately, reaching and grabbing for it,  watching us chew, and he's sitting so well, so we decided to give him a few bites. He probably only had a few teaspoons- mostly breast-milk, but he did very well- didn't push any out, so looks like his infant reflex to push stuff out of his mouth is gone- that's another good sign:)


 I love Sienna's stare in this photo...

Sienna had been trying to get up the courage all day to sit on Santa's lap!
When she got there, she decided against it, stood by him instead,.....and later said she did touch his hand:)

Emmett was too sick to know what was going on:)

Pin Wheel hair curls......from Pinterest!......and a sick, Christmas weekend!


(coming soon)

Then that night- the barfing began- Taya was not feeling well.
So the elf watched over her that night as she slept by the bathroom door.

And here are her curls first taken out!
And Seinna's!

It was pretty crazy the morning we took them out- but the curls lasted days and days- by the next day, they were cute enough to go out, and this picture is Taya on day 4. I would just lightly comb through it with a wide pic comb each day.
Next time, I'll do more hair so the curls aren't so tight and look more like I curled it.
Sienn'a hair NEVER holds a curl, so it was fun to have her hair curly for a few days:)
 Taya was feeling better enough on Sunday evening so we make little gingerbread houses!
(We were supposed to go to Grandma's to make- but Taya was sick)



Then, we went and looked at lights just to get out of the house!

And look what we found!!!!
"A Christmas Story" lamp- we actually saw 2 of them!!!!
I want one for my future Christmas decor:)

We ended up at this house last- it was amazing, and this pic is just the entrance!