Friday, November 23, 2012

All is Calm....All is BRIGHT!


Christmas crafting!

 Some nights Nathan isn't home until 3 am! So, my evening are free......home-bound, but free. So the past week or so, I've been crafting......and people on Pinterest are giving me GREAT inspiration:)

The waterless Snow-globe above- I saw people doing them in big jars, but I found a fish bowl at Savers and love how it turned out!

And the wreath below was a combination of a lot of things I saw and loved on Pinterest. Wrapping the yarn was a labor of love.....and took a little skill to get it to not turn our crocked!:)

The Track

My dad was in the neighborhood and stopped by just as we were heading to the he came along:)
 Taya's tire has a huge hole in it, so as soon as we pumped it up, it was already flat.......but she still wanted to ride in anyway:)

 Sienna was really warming up to the camera and stirking some fancy poses:)

Sienna wasn't cooperating for a picture .....first by not coming over when asked....and then by making the face below..........oh Sienna......we did get one in the end:)

 Taya loves telling Grandpa all her stories:)

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

 I don't know why this is the one holiday I never take many photos.....and the ones I have are random:)
Emmett with Daddy:)

Dessert display!
Bethany worked her magic with decorations:)

 And Nisha de-bone-ing what was left of the turkey:)
We had a lovely day at my Dad and Lorna's. We ate, and ate some more, playing some wild games of "Word on the Street", Ate some more, talked, took pictures of cute sitting babies, played songs with musical bells, and watched the new "Spider Man"! It was great fun and we have so much to be thankful for!!!

Nathan has been exhausted with school and working late nights at Buffalo Wild was nice to have 2 days off in a row for him to catch up on sleep:)

Look at these cute babies playing!

 Nathan catching up on some sleep again:)-this time with some company!

Taya was exhausted after the fun day......she fell asleep in the car totally sitting up straight!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Emmett's 5th month! November 22, 2012

He SO enjoys his mirror:) Talks to himself, tries to eat his own face, and chews on the pretty flowers around the mirror:)
(the flash always gets his eyes going!)
 Still enjoys sucking/chewing on his fingers, giraffe, and of course; snuggling with Daddy:)

 He is getting so close to sitting up all by himself!!!!
He is ticklish all up his rib cage, under his chin, and on his hips!
He is starting to yell at his sisters, and push their faces out of his, and pulling their hair:) He's got to defend himself!
He's getting so strong, his arms, standing up, and is getting better and better with his hands- holding things, picking them up etc.

He has found his toes and can't get enough of them- this makes diaper changing a challenge:)
And finding his toes is helping him roll around- he  is so close to rolling from his back to his belly:) He'll roll to his side to grab some toys, and then roll onto his back again.
He's also discovered his hands, other people's hands, and oddly.....the top of his head- he finds it and likes to gently stroke his fingers there for a minute:)
He loves to wrestle with Daddy and Mommy, play peek-a-boo, and have tickle wars:)
He really likes playing with balls and loves to be naked- he gets all excited when his clothes come off! He thinks you are going to have a tickle war when you take his shirt off----something about touching his armpits gets him going!:)
He does this funny thing now where he sucks in air and it makes a raspy squeal when he is excited or is talking to you- pretty  cute!
Also, after her nurses, he sucks on his tongue for a little while.... like he is still doing the nursing motion, just with his mouth closed and against his tongue- too funny!
Also, when he nurses, he reaches up and grabs my face, or lips, ....just to make sure I'm there:)

 You can barely see it in this picture, but I found a birth mark on his little bicep:)

 This is his new sleeping position:)
I love that his hands are not just up by his head, but totally under it! Just chill-axin, or keepin' em' warm:)

 Taya is a good sitting up coach:)

 Here's what I like to call my own "half and half" :)

 Wendy gave me this Santa onesie at my is 9mo size, he wore it its too small:)

 The girls had soooo much fun helping give Emmett a bath!:)
 (The "Instagram" version)