Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lorna's 60th Birthday!

 Melissa threw a great party for Lorna!!!
Beth's decorations were fabulous!
Hill's food was yummy!
Nisha's games were so fun!
And Dessert was delicious!
 Caramel cake from America's Test Kitchen

 Peanut Butter Cup popcorn!

 Hillary made the cutest framed picture of all the kids sketches of lorna:) It was SOOOOO cute
Here are Taya and Sienna's!
More pics of games and decorations to come!!!!

Emmett: 4 months old!

18 lbs 4 ou
28 inches long- 99.95 % (off the charts!)

At 4 months old, you are rolling over, almost sitting up, talking up a storm, laughing, blowing zerbers, looking at yourself in the mirror, holding onto toys, grabing toys- throwing them off your high chair, chewing on everything in sight, drooling puddles and puddles, sleeping 12 hours, and still nursing GREAT! Such a good, happy little boy:) We love you!

5th Annual Halloween Party!!!!!!!

The Party Was a Hit!!!! So much fun!!!

 Guest list:

The Giles: Where's Waldo

The Collette's: The Hot Dog with Ketchup and Sweet Relish
Taya: Witch

Sienna: Vampire

Dad and Lorna: Cave man and woman:)- My Dad's eyebrows were killing me! :)
The Frogley's: American Gothic Couple
(Most people didn;t know what we were until we posed like this) :)

The Athens: Pirates
The Winners of our Costume Contest!!!!!!  

The Decorations!!!!!!!!

 Pictures of all our hallows Eve costumes in the past:)

I'm starting a tradition where I have everyone sign our banner each year!

My bats had a bat cave this year:)

The witches took over my buffet table:)
We had broken glass, and skeletons and spiders!!!
 My spider web turned out awesome thanks to Naloni's spider- it was perfect!!!!!
 And Nathan carved our sweet welcome pumkin!

The kiddos joined in the fun as well.....they were all such good babies:)





We did a fun drawing game, I gave directions to draw a halloween picture, with specifics, on your head with out looking. They got certain points if things were in the correct spot, etc........ (I found it on Pinterest- its in my Party Ideas board- they did it for Christmas and I made my own up for Halloween! 

The pictures were HILARIOUS! and Brandon Collette was the winner! (We had a 3 way tie with 10 points so we voted!)

Then we played a game where you have 20 Mand M's on one chair, and using only a straw, you have to make a smiley face on the other chair, transporting your candy with the straw.....it was fun too!!!

The Winner........Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we played a simple tossing game, but the catchers had to tie the bucket to their hip! and just had to keep one foot behind the line. Always my favorite to see the pictures of this in action!

 Melissa obviously made a sweet score here:)- wish I could see her face!

 Hillary is focused- in her cute mustard shoes!

 The winners were the Athens!!!!! The pirates took the booty:)
It was so fun! Thanks everyone for coming!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!!!