Saturday, September 22, 2012

Emmett: 3 months old!

This cute boy has stolen my heart!!!!!!!!
Weighing in around 17 lbs!!
About 27 inches long!
Has officially grown out of his bassinet- he's too long, his head and toes touch the top and bottom!
And almost out of his carseat!!!!! They only go up to 30 inches!!!!!!
Sleeping 10-12 hrs at night
Goes to sleep all by himself, and rarely even cries
Getting a lot better at rolling over-most times he will do it all by himself, sometimes needs a little help.
Laughing.....and at himself in the mirror-one of his fav activities:)
So expressive when he talks to us, moving his mouth in different ways to make different noises, and raising his eyebrows.
Gets offended when Daddy laughs really loud at him.......BIG frown and then starts to cry....kinda cute, I have to admit.
Sitting in his highchair, reaching out to grab toys, and brings everything to his mouth to chew on:)
When in his carseat, he lifts his head up, trying to get a look around, and gets all excited and smiley when he knows I'm coming to get him out:)

(My sister Natalie made a bunch of cute bowties for Emmett- and now his head is big enough so they look so cute on him)

He has discovered his hands and really enjoys chewing and sucking on them:)

I love little babies in cute little jeans!
And the girls are starting to play with him.......I can only imagine what is going to come of this! 

It's official, I'm losing all my prego hair:( Very sad! 
But I'm also chugging along losing my prego weight! Wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!
40 lbs down, 40 lbs to go!!!!! 
That's right people----I gained 80 big fat lbs with this one!!! But we're half way back...and that feels sooo good!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

We had a grand ol' time at Drew's blessing!

Calvin, Emmett, Drew, and Lenora at about 2 months old:)

 And of course all the gorgeous mommies who made these cute babies!!!!

 OK:) The daddies helped too:)

 Grandpa Marti with Emmett

Then the mommies got silly!!!!!!
We all layed down just like the babies and had our pictures taken as well:) - with arms and hands in each others faces just like the babes.
Taking care of newborns can really make you go crazy:)

 ...And the daddies watching all this silliness!!!!

Emmett loves riding on Grandpa's boat:)

My cute girls!

Taya is in gymnastics.....and LOVING it! My little girl is growing up!!!!
Being such good helpers reading to Emmett:)

And playing with him.....literally, he's like their baby doll:)

 We had a fun Labor Day bowling at the Fun Center in Sandy- free with our Pass Of All Passes!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Emmett instagrams: 2.5 months

 Emmett loves his "chats" with daddy!

He really enjoys sitting up supported now") The girls love it too:)

 Look what I found......this is me, Hailey,  at about a month old........I see a lot of similarities:)

 He found himself in the mirror.......and thinks its the greatest!!!

 So handsome ready for church in his little suit!

 The flash gets his eyes going EVERY time:)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Emmett's second month in Instagrams:)

 2 Month stats:
Height: 25.5 inches 99.9%tile
Weight: 15.5 pounds 97.8%tile
Head: 16 inches 93%tile
He is a BIG boy and growing soooo well!
We LOVE his chubby little body!

He started sleeping 8-9 hours straight at night! And makes so many funny faces at us when he talks and coos and giggles:)

 We still can't get over how stinkin' CUTE he is!!!!

He REALLY enjoys sitting in daddys legs and having a chat when daddy comes interactive with us:) Making so many different noises and trying to move his mouth in different ways.
 He's growing like a weed!!! These are brand new 9 MONTH jammies......they fit him perfect:)

He is getting so good at reaching out and grabbing his rings and likes to play with them and tries to bring them to his mouth:)

 The girls can't get enough of him......Taya likes to make beds for him:)

He is getting so strong on his tummy.... lifting up his head so well now and is able to look around:)
 He is getting chubbier and more cute by the minute!!!!