Thursday, August 16, 2012

Emmett's blessing!

Sunday, August 12th, 2012
About 7 weeks old

So the funny story kind of goes like this:

We had seven of the Frogley's staying with us, a full house. I woke up at about 5 am to fed Emmett....and then all of a sudden, the fan stops, the clock goes dark and all the power is out!
I figure, no big deal, it will be back on in an hour or two. Good thing my phone is charged and we have an alarm to wake up on time. SO we get up about 7-7:30, still no power. Nathan calls in, and I guess is the first one to report it. So they say it is expected to be back on in a couple hours. Glad I got ready last night!

We go to church, and another building near by was flooded, so all the wards were coming to our building. So we only had sacrament that day. Worked out fine for us, because we were leaving anyway. 

The blessing went wonderfully and Nathan did a great job, and Emmet was a happy boy! So we snap a picture and head home.

We get home, our side fence is torn down.......and in the backyard we find this:

Some guys from the power company just digging a 6 foot hole in the middle of our backyard..........right where we were planning to have lunch!

No problem, the kids enjoyed watching it.....

It added to the ambiance of the afternoon:)

It was now cooler outside in the shade than inside with no air conditioning....

We had great company to chat with:

We simply just walked around them and their huge hole.....
And by the end of our event.....about 2 or 3, the power was back on, the hole was filled in, and we had enough food left over to give some to the men digging up our back yard:)

Thanks goodness all the food in the fridge stayed cold,  it was 9 am church and wasn't another 102*f day, and all around...... it turned out great!

Fam is in town!!! Grandpa Craig took us boating!

Keaton was so brave and went first on the ski trainer!!!
He had so much fun, he went twice!
 Taya wasn't going to do it, to MUCH MY SURPRISE, Sienna said she would!!!
Then of course, Taya said she would. Couldn't be one-uped by your little sister:)

 Keaton fell off when we stopped and was getting a little Taya jumped in and swam our to him to make him feel comfortable while we got the rope to swing out to them:) Pretty cute cousins!!!

 September even tried Skiing!!! She popped right up a number of times.....and fell a number of times:) She was funny, because she would chicken out and let go before she even fell:)
I tried getting up....... but it's just been too long and right after a body just isn't the same, .....we'll try again next summer:)

Grandma Lorna out did herself!!!! Emmett LOVES his quilt....and so does his mom:)

 I'm so thankful for this beautiful and fun quilt Lorna made for Emmett!!! 
It came out oh just so perfect!


Nathan's 30th Birthday!!!

We started the morning with "Happy birthday" and birthday kisses. Then that evening we enjoyed a family dinner at Red Robin and birthday dessert. Then we went shopping and Nathan picked out a new football and polo, and we ended the evening with dessert at Beth and Thomas's house to celebrate Beth's graduation. 
Happy birthday to my hubby!!!!!
Love you!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Emmett updates.....

About 6 weeks Calvin's blessing ..........and fitting into 6-9 month jammies!!!!

Getting chubbier every day.....discovering his gums and feeling them with his tongue, smiling, cooing and becoming so interactive with us! So fun!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Emmett rolling over!!!!!

I can't believe Emmett is rolling over already!!!! He's only 7 weeks old......and he rolled his first roll at 6 weeks!!!!
(Side note: I just looked in my girls baby books....they didn't roll over until they were 4 months!)

(Side note 2: He rolled twice for me before I realized to get a video of it! So he is tired in this video and it took him a little longer, so we cut some of the video.......but here is my big strong boy!")

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Little Creek Ranch!!!!!

And......Emmett rolled over the first day we were there! And it wasn't some crazy accident, while having a little tummy time, he got his arm underneath himself and was teetering on his side, and then he rolled over!!!! Crazy, only 6 weeks old!!!

The girls had fun playing outside on the basketball court waiting for breakfast!

Sweet story about the girls:
Sienna was asking Maili some questions... it went something like this:
Sienna: "Maili, do you love my baby brother?, Do you want a baby brother like me? Do you want to have a baby brother or sister in your mommy's tummy?"
Taya: "Ya Maili, you just have to pray for one. That's what we did to get a baby in my mommy's tummy."

I treasure this small conversation I just happened to overhear. One: Because Taya remembers to pray for things we want/need- it took us a little longer to get pregnant this time, so every night in family prayer, we prayed for a baby brother or sister. And two, because she now knows that we get answers to our prayers.........even if it takes a long 7 months of praying for  it. Just so sweet:)

"Home, home on the range!"
We had some showers in the evening to cool everything down

Great  Grandpa Bergquist, Grandpa Frogley, Nathan and

I had everyone sing Happy Birthday to Nathan because this was a big one......the big 3-0!!!!!