Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Month Old Pics!

 Although I've been smiling now for a week or so, this is my first little grin caught on camera!
Exactly one month old.

1 month old
I'm loving to grunt and talk to mommy and daddy, I'm sleeping 6 hrs straight at night, I go cross eyed trying to focus and study things that have stripes and/or that are black and white, I'm getting soooo good at holding my head up. I'm pushing up on my arms during tummy time and love going outside and on road trips:)
(pics taken a few days after one month)

 Oh the many faces of this cute boy!!!!!!

One month old cousin......Calvin Collette, Emmett Frogley, and Drew Giles............can't wait to get pics with the only girl....cute Lenora Collette!!!

Tummy TIme!!!!

Boating with Grandpa Craig

 Here's Emmett spilling out of his 6 month outfit!!!!!!

 Taya is becoming such a great swimmer!

 Time to race!
 Deer Creek Resevoir......I think, maybe Pine View, can't remember...

Our humble garden......

 We asked our landlord if they would let us grow a small garden, and they gave us the we planted some raspberries and strawberries from Emily and Ivan's yard...and Brandon and Hill's.  Then we planted some carrots and green beans. Inside we have some basil and parsley growing. Yummy!
(this pic taken at the beginning of the summer......end of season pic to come)

Just some things the girls have been up to...

 Sienna is very independent these days......wants to do everyting herself....including pouring the cereal....

It's been hot, so we got the girls this little pool to stay cool while mom and Emmett stay inside:)

 On our road trip Taya "texted" this to Uncle Chase who is on a mission.......get this...he is called to Cusco, Peru.....but his Visa is taking forever, so while he waits, he got reassigned to BOISE, ID!!!!! CRAZY!!!
 The girls playing wedding, and family:)

 This girl has the longest eyelashes!!!!

And of course, our summer cooking class with Grandma Lorna that Sienna gets to be a part of this year:)

Marti Reunion: McCall 2012

 Emmett's First boat ride!

 Taya was soooo brave and tried my dad's new ski trainer!!! She loved it. We got going and she stood right up!

 With MUCH coaxing.....Sienna even did it! We started by just sitting her on the thing, let her float out in the water, then just started soooo slowly, then she rode for a few minutes.........Later that day, she was telling all her cousins about it, and wanted to do it again:) Way to go Sienna!

 Nathan even tried the 2 skis out and did great!!!

 I even got his first fall on camera!

 Most of the Marti cousins

 Making whistles with Grandpa Marti......Sienna was wiped out!

 Birthday Celebration.....with a dance party of course!!!!

 Throwind Lilly in the air....she loved it!

 Wendy is always doing something crazy......Austin threw his goggles on the roof, so Wendy retrieved them.