Monday, May 28, 2012

Third trimester: Month 8!!!!

I can't believe month 8 is over, we are in the home stretch here people!!!!!! I really just can't wait! I'm sooooo done being pregnant, and so done weighing this much!!!  We are ready, and even if there was anything left to do.......I don't have any energy to do it:( I get sooo tired doing anything. Just cleaning the house takes me forever and I have to sit and  take breaks and am exhausted afterwards. I take a nap whenever I can. I don't remember being this uncomfortable at the end with my girls. I'm so grumpy, and just so uncomfortable that sometimes I just want to cry,...and sometimes I do:( I still get nauseated at night, and can't wait for that to be done!! I'm still going to the gym...... but I only take 2 classes now, and the other days, I just do the treadmill or elliptical.

He is still movin' and a groovin'!!!!! Still beats up my bladder- especially when it's full. And he gets the hiccups about 3 times a day. I'm pretty sure he spends most of his time facing down these days because I can feel right where his bum is, in the middle of my stomach. It's funny when I get a contraction because when my uterus contracts, it is completely lopsided and you can very clearly see and feel where his bum is stickin' out:) I'm starting to get a lot more contractions and they are feeling more and more like period cramps instead of just a tightening sensation. If I've been sitting for a while, I start to feel the contractions in my lower back......I never felt that with my girls, but have heard lots of others talk about how they had back that might be a new experience once labor begins!

I still get a little heartburn, but it is so mild, some times I don't notice it. My legs were starting to get restless and crazy again at I've tried to take my prenatal vitamin, at least every other day- not to make my stomach tooo upset-, but I think the extra vitamins are helping with the legs. SWELLING HAS BEGUN!!!! Our whole weekend in Boise my ankles looked like I had elephantiasis!!!!!! It still mostly goes away during the week when I am exercising, but it is getting worse and worse on those days I don't. We ate late the other night when the Frogley's were here, and 20 minutes later I felt the salt and water go straight to my hands and then to my feet!!!!!! YUCK!!!! I hate it! I'm drinking 16-18 cups of water every day just to try to combat it......that's a lot of water folks!!!!

All I can say is, it will soon be over, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A trip to the E.R.!

 Right before the Frogley's arrived last night, Taya started crying in her bed- like a really scared cry. So I went in, and she said her throat really hurts, and she drank some water, and now feels like she will throw up. 
I asked her why her throat hurt. She pulled out a tiny button battery (about the size of a cheerio- ones in timers and other small electronics). She said she had 2 of them. She said she put one in her mouth, and was taking a drink of water and accidentally swallowed it. I asked her where she got the batteries, and she said they were just in her bed.  She started coughing and gaging so we went to the bathroom. She dry heaved a few times, but nothing came up.
So Nathan looked up online what to do in this situation.
There is a special hot line to call if you swallow these kinds of batteries. I guess they can get stuck to the lining of your esophagus, and generate an electric current and produce the chemical hydroxide and permanently burn and damage your throat tissue.  If it is stuck, they have to remove it right away. If it goes down into their stomach, it is better because they are more likely to pass it through the bowels, but you have to check, becasue it can cause damage to the linings of your stomach and intestines as well. I guess the mucus and fluids in your body cause positive and negative charges and can make the battery burn the tissue. Children have died from this!!! So the hotline told us to take her into the E.R. right away. They say it's especially with these kinds of batteries, they said it would've been better to swallow a double A than these kind. 

So, the Frogley's arrived right as we were getting ready to leave. So Becky and I stayed here with Sienna who was sleeping, and the boys took Taya to the hospital. She was terrified, but very brave.  They took an x-ray and found it in her stomach......relief. They said if it was stuck in her throat, they wouldn't even be able to remove it there, she would've had to go to the Children's Hospital in Salt Lake!!! So we were glad. All the doctors and nurse's all had talks with her about putting things in her mouth. 

SO now, just the waiting game.......waiting for it to pass out the other end......what fun for a mother:)
(Post script: We found it!!!! It made an exit and we are soooo relieved!)

But we did get to spend the morning with Chase and Grandma and Grandpa and say goodbye to Chase at the MTC. 
I can't beleive he is really gone now..........there will probably be 5 or 6 new babies in the Frogley family when he gets back.....and just think.....Emmett will be 2!!!!!!!!!! Taya will be getting baptized and Sienna will be going into 1st grade!!!! Crazy!!! But we are so happy for him and all that he will do! He will be a great missionary!!!

Sienna's Preschool Program

Here is a picture of Sienna's preschool will notice she is not in it:(

We were so very excited to see all the songs performed that she would come home singing after preschool. She knew them all!!!! But if you know Sienna, you know she is VERY shy. Takes her time to warm up to even family!!!! So as she was now comfortable with her routine of going to preschool, when we got there on Tuesday and all the parents were there in chairs and the room was all rearranged.....she panicked.  She wouldn't leave my side.....not to sing with the other children, not to sit with her class for a picture, and not even to stand next to one of her friends who asked to take a picture with her:(  It broke my heart to see how nervous she was. But we videoed the program anyway. As soon as we got to the car, she snapped back to normal, she started talking, and said she would sing the songs for me at home. And that's what she did. I played the video for her and she sang right along with them. 
It's so hard for her to adapt to new places, changed environments, and new people. But i am happy to say, she has warmed up to her swimming teacher, and after only 2 or 3 days, she is going under water and participating in class, and actually having fun!!! ( Besides today, when there was a substitute- she didn't really like that).  Sienna is a sensitive soul, and so loving and nurturing, and we wouldn't change any of that about her. It's funny because when she plays with Taya, cousins, or even by herself, she sings and dances, and talks and talks.......just a completely different side of her comes out! We love her and are so proud of all that she has accomplished this year with trying new things and meeting new people:)

Kindergarten graduation program!!!

This is Taya with her teacher Ms. Andrus. We made a little gift for her to hang up in her classroom, I'm really thrilled with how it turned out:) (For more details about it visit my other blog here)

Taya had her kindergarten graduation program this Monday! They sang songs and gave all the parents a book that they made. It was fun to see all the funny songs they learned:)
 Here are the 3 B.F.F.'s
Aspen, Taya, and Samantha
These are the girls I always heard about at school. Bummer they won't be together next year. Taya has been accepted to Cascade Elementary- a Chinese Immersion program!!! We are excited! Daddy can't wait to be able to talk to her in Chinese at fun!!!!

Heidi's baby girl shower!!!!

Here she is about 4.5 months prego.....she is beautiful!

We had yummy food and delicious treats!!!!!!  Raspberry lemon and peanut butter chocolate cupcakes......divine!!!!!!!!!
 She had a lot more people there, but here is pic of just the fam. that was left at the end.
(oh my heavens...I am sooo chubby. This is why I don't like pics at the end of my pregnancy!)

Trip to Boise for Chase's Farewell!!!

We had a wonderful trip to Boise!!!! Of course we always do! Nathan's youngest brother is leaving on a Mission. So we had the Farewell and a wonderful picnic in the yard!!!
We spent one evening over at the Boyle's and played some Baseball, and jumped on the tramp.
We also got to check out Emily's new house that is being built and stole some of their strawberry and raspberry plants from their old house.....we'll see if they survived the trip:)
 Ang, Emily, Natalie D., Wendy and I had a girls night Friday night and they threw a little surprise baby shower for was so thoughtful and I got some cute stuff!!! Plus Emily made me that cute Elephant, giraffe, and frog carseat cover/blanket:) I love the colors:)

 The girls were soooooo exhausted from the trip, they both slept nearly 3 hours on the drive home:) Makes the trip go sooo much faster!

 AND......Nathan finally got a nice trim. He was growing it out to see if he could cut it at a little longer cut, we tried it for a day, but he didn't like it, so we just chopped it off and did what we usually do with it. But he always looks handsome with a fresh haircut! glad it caught so many cute and funny pictures during this crazy pregnancy!!!

We had a fun FHE about baby safety....then we praciteced changing diapers.......they are gettin' good:)

Made some cute hooded towels for the girls....and one for Emmett:) The girls bought this "cop" stuff with their dollar at the dollar was pretty cute:)

 Funny tickle time in the morning!!!!    Also Taya likes to stand over the vent and watch her pants expand:)

These sleepy girls.......I love how Sienna has her little hands clasped together and folded:)

And this one..... we had a fun night with all the Collettes up A.F. canyon, and this is how Taya slept the whole way home:)

 Sienna is such a girl!!!!!! She changes and average of 3 times a day, and most often always in skirts:)

Daddy's hair got pretty long and Taya loved to play with it!!!!
 Reading NEVER gets old at this makes me soooo happy:)
We just recently found out about 48 cent ice cream cones at Macey's! What a great deal:)

Elder's Quorum crock pot cook out!

A few weeks ago, Nathan and the Elder's Quorum had a little crock pot cook out and get together. It was delicious, and it was great to see all these men in the kitchen:)

 While outside, Nathan knelt down, right on top of a hidden coal in the grass. 3rd degree burn all the way. The skin died, and fell off, and he has a huge scab there now, and it will be a good scar! OUCH!

Mother's Day!!!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!! Got some more orchids!!!!! I got to take a nap and Daddy made a wonderful pot roast dinner complete with homemade bread!!!! YUM!!!!

This quote was hung on the wall in my mother's bathroom as long as i can remeber!!!! Whenever I read it, it reminds me what I should be teaching my children as their mother, and how all mother's should behave. It's great advice from Howard W. Hunter:)