Saturday, April 14, 2012

We are ready!

Here is the finished product!!!!!!!! I love it! ( the paint booth came in handy once again) This is the baby's wall, then the office has a wall, and the other wall is my sewing table. It may be snug, but hey, it works:)

Here is a little of what it looked like before: old and brown. When Nathan started to strip the old paint off, it was sooooo old and yucky is was like sticky goo! Glad we were able to repaint it.

I'm going to make a little diaper caddy to hang on the side by the changing table, and the girls love to pretend to put the baby in and put the side down and take him out:)

Other things we did during the girls spring break to get ready for this baby!!!:
Went through all the girls clothes!
Went through all the girls toys.
Cleaned all the blinds and fans......yuck.
Cleaned the whole fridge.
Wiped down all the cupboards in the kitchen
Wiped down the walls.......sooooo many tiny dirty finger prints along door jams, molding,etc.
Went through Nathan's clothes
Finally copied our car keys
Cleaned out and went through the laundry room
Vacuumed out kitchen drawers
Cleaned out the garage
and just general deep cleaning!
Our house, and we, are ready for this baby!

The girls had Spring Break this week, but Taya had a fever for 3 days, and then Sienna had a fever for 3 days......(with no other symptoms- so weird) so that took up most of our week, but this weekend we did a few fun things. They got to go to Trafalga Fun Center and go on some rides, went out to eat with friends,  got to go to McDonalds and get Happy Meals and play in the play zone, and got to pick out a movie. So they were happy.....and most of all, healthy!:)

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