Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We went to a community Easter egg hunt at our local High School on Saturday........  wowzer, it was crazy!!!! And nobody listened, or followed the rules, so we will not be doing that again. The mob was so crazy when they said "go" Sienna wouldn't even go. I can't say I blame her, some parents are just plain crazy.......but Taya got a few eggs. So we decided we would do one of our own in our backyard:)

The Easter bunny did come, and left a trail leading to our back door......I guess that's always where the bunny, the lepurchan, or the tooth fairy always enters our house:) He left new toothbrushes and some pretty spring dresses!

Poor Taya had a fever Saturday night, and Sunday, but I think she is starting to feel better.

We had Easter dinner at our house this year with lots of yummy trimmings with Grandpa and Grandma, Craig C., and Brandon and Hill's family who came to celebrate!
Happy Easter!!!

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