Saturday, April 28, 2012

Third and FINAL trimester!!!!!!! Month 7:

Month 7: This baby is having a blast inside my tummy! He kicks, and squirms, and punches my bladder like its a punching bag, and stretches sideways so his hands and feet push out my really kind of hurts! He is so much more active than I remember my girls being. He is moving around all day long and into the night!!! He wakes me up every morning about 8 o'clock, kicking, telling me he is ready for me to eat:) It's pretty funny, and without fail.

The girls like to lay their heads against my tummy, and he kicks their faces for a few minutes. Taya keeps wondering, " mom, how does the baby kick?" and I keep trying to explain to her, that he moves just like she does. But then she responds, " mom, I don't kick. I kick when we play kickball at school." It's so fun to have conversations with her about whats going on inside my tummy. We've watched lots of videos from and my girls love it. We watched the birthing one the other's just simulated cartoon- not too graphic.......and Taya couldn't stop saying how cute the baby was:) Both the girls were thinking that the doctor cuts the baby out of my tummy, so we had a short conversation about it, and they now understand that sometimes doctors cut them out of the mommy's tummy, but most the time, the baby comes out of the mommy's "privates". So they understand a little more about the whole thing. They are grasping the whole concept pretty well, and its fun that they are old enough to do so:)

I finally got enough courage to try to ween myself off of any medicine. I know it was only Unisom and B6, but it was really helping during my whole 2nd trimester, and I couldn't do it without it.  I'm on day 3, I seem to be doing ok. I still get queasy in the afternoon and at night, and when I wake up in the night, I am ALWAYS hungry, but I think I can now handle these last weeks without popping any pills. (I know they say you won't, but I didn't want to build up a dependency on Unisom.) Speaking of which, I need a snack right now............ I'm not so inclined to salty food anymore, and enjoy enjoying sweet treats again! I was really missing them before, and they made my tummy upset. But now, I can enjoy them:)......with only minor repercussions afterwards.

I've started waking up because I have to pee at night, partly because I am drinking sooooooo much water, I mean like 16 cups a day....not kidding(to try not to swell up so much when the heat comes), and also, now that I'm not taking Unisom, my body is much more aware of what is going on at night, and I wake up more in general.

I think I actually have heartburn with this pregnancy. I didn't get it with either of my girls........but I'm pretty sure what I'm feeling is heartburn. Especially at night when I'm trying to relax, but sometimes it will come in the middle of the day, while I'm even standing, just to irritate me! Got some tums for that....hopefully it will help.

It is getting more and more difficult to work out at the gym. I hope I can continue to go up until he's ready to come out. But I have to really modify what I'm doing, and take lots of breaks. But hey, that's ok, the gym keeps me happy and healthy, so I'll go as long as my body tells me its ok:)

I think we have finally agreed on a name.......Emmett. It's a sturdy, handsome, strong, cowboy name, and we like it for him as a cute little baby, and as a grown man:)  Nathan makes it simple, and difficult, at the same time, .....I write down about 30 names, and he crosses out about 27 of them, so we were left with a few, and Emmett was one of them, we thought about it for a couple weeks,......and I think it's the one:) It's also the name of a little town in Idaho that we are both found of, and would even consider living in one day......It may be when we are old, but we both love it there. I think it will be nice for the girls to call him that before he arrives, so he's a real person before he's even here, and won't be such an adjustment. The girls are really excited, and they keep asking "what is his name again?', but I think they are getting a hold of it. And they love to rub and kiss my belly:) So Emmett Ross Frogley might very well be his name:)

I'm starting to go to my appointments every 2 weeks, and the weeks are down to single digit numbers.......that makes me sooooooooooo excited!!! I have dreams allllllllllllll the time that he is here and we get to cuddle him, and dress his tiny cute body, dreams about nursing, and circumcisions----(I've never done one of those before). His room, or the 1/3 of the room that is his, is ready and waiting for him. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We already love him soooo much!!!!!!!!

If he doesn't come early.......but both my girls did, so I'm kind of hoping:),  then I will be induced June 25th. It's only like 3 or 4 days before my due date, but its a Monday, and that worked for my doc. But I really hope he comes the week before.......for some reason the 20th is in my head. Maybe because that's Nathan's last day of summer school and would work out just right.... but hey, babies are we'll see:)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Primary Temple Trip!

 It was so fun to go to the Mount Timpanogas Temple with our ward's Primary. The girls have been excited about it for weeks and it was so nice to feel the spirit and beauty that was there!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sewing for baby!.....well more like sewing to make life easier with a baby:)

 Diaper caddy!!!
We have very limited space in the baby I needed something small to store diapers and wipes next to the changing pad.......and I came up with this. It will be so nice to have:) Can't wait to get some use out of it!:)

 My beloved body pillow needed some TLC!!! We got it out of the attic to help me sleep a little better with this huge growing belly!!!! It was old, and torn.....I mean, I've had it since High School:)  So I made a simple cover for it. It looks great on my bed, supports my hips and belly while sleeping, and it will be great to have while nursing!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

We are ready!

Here is the finished product!!!!!!!! I love it! ( the paint booth came in handy once again) This is the baby's wall, then the office has a wall, and the other wall is my sewing table. It may be snug, but hey, it works:)

Here is a little of what it looked like before: old and brown. When Nathan started to strip the old paint off, it was sooooo old and yucky is was like sticky goo! Glad we were able to repaint it.

I'm going to make a little diaper caddy to hang on the side by the changing table, and the girls love to pretend to put the baby in and put the side down and take him out:)

Other things we did during the girls spring break to get ready for this baby!!!:
Went through all the girls clothes!
Went through all the girls toys.
Cleaned all the blinds and fans......yuck.
Cleaned the whole fridge.
Wiped down all the cupboards in the kitchen
Wiped down the walls.......sooooo many tiny dirty finger prints along door jams, molding,etc.
Went through Nathan's clothes
Finally copied our car keys
Cleaned out and went through the laundry room
Vacuumed out kitchen drawers
Cleaned out the garage
and just general deep cleaning!
Our house, and we, are ready for this baby!

The girls had Spring Break this week, but Taya had a fever for 3 days, and then Sienna had a fever for 3 days......(with no other symptoms- so weird) so that took up most of our week, but this weekend we did a few fun things. They got to go to Trafalga Fun Center and go on some rides, went out to eat with friends,  got to go to McDonalds and get Happy Meals and play in the play zone, and got to pick out a movie. So they were happy.....and most of all, healthy!:)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We went to a community Easter egg hunt at our local High School on Saturday........  wowzer, it was crazy!!!! And nobody listened, or followed the rules, so we will not be doing that again. The mob was so crazy when they said "go" Sienna wouldn't even go. I can't say I blame her, some parents are just plain crazy.......but Taya got a few eggs. So we decided we would do one of our own in our backyard:)

The Easter bunny did come, and left a trail leading to our back door......I guess that's always where the bunny, the lepurchan, or the tooth fairy always enters our house:) He left new toothbrushes and some pretty spring dresses!

Poor Taya had a fever Saturday night, and Sunday, but I think she is starting to feel better.

We had Easter dinner at our house this year with lots of yummy trimmings with Grandpa and Grandma, Craig C., and Brandon and Hill's family who came to celebrate!
Happy Easter!!!

Grandpa and Grandma Frogley and Uncle Chase came to visit.......

It may have been for only 12 hours, but boy did the girls love every minute of it!!! They got spoiled with treats and hugs and we always love when family comes to visit!
Thanks for stopping in to say hi Frogleys! WE love you!