Monday, March 19, 2012

Things we got done!

 Nathan found these drawers for the baby on KSl and we painted it!
We finally finished the doll house!!!!!!!! Hip Hip Horray!!!!!!!! The girls love it!!!!!!!!
Here are some before and during pictures:

 It started out as an old brown book shelf, Nathan puttied it up and put some bead-board behind it. Then he added a roof and installed a real cedar shingle roof, then painted it white and painted the trim a light pink/purple. It looks so cute in the girls room, and it is sooooooo well done, it will last forever!!!!!!!!! Just love it!!!

With the new addition, we had to rearrange the girls room, and I really like it this way, feels more roomy to play in!

Other things we accomplished this spring break:

-Stripped and sanded our old brown crib.... in process of painting it white (the paint booth has really come in handy!)
-Washed boy baby clothes and blankets I got from my Frogey Sister-in-laws- this will really save us some money...his drawers are full")
-Rearranged office into an office/sew room/ baby room! It will work great!
-Got out all my baby stuff from garage, went through it and found boy stuff, the bassinet, bouncer and all that jazz:)
-cleaned out the garage, sold and gave away a lot of stuff!
-Registered Nathan for summer school and Fall semester! (Only a year left people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Went through all my fabric (WOW!) and organized by color, and caught up on sewing, and mending and started my first baby "boy" sewing project- just a cover for my changing pad, but still, fun:)
-Bought some wipes and diapers from costco- all those moms out there- BOTH ARE 5 BUCKS OFF RIGHT NOW AT COSTCO! , plus some flour, sugar, and salt for our food storage!

It feels great to be PRODUCTIVE!!!!!!

Now for Taya's spring break, we will deep clean the house, and we, my friends, will be baby ready!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!

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