Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break for a Handy-Man!

 Nathan doesn't have school this week because it's his spring break!!!!!! But he  has been busy, busy, busy!!!
We started with something fun and took a quick trip up to Boise to see all the fam, we always love spending time with them and miss them lots!!!! We had a yummy firepit dinner and dessert at Alex and Wendy's, played at the park for 5 hours because it was so nice, ate yummy sliders, went to church and had more yummy food with all the families. It was nice to know we didn't have to leave Sunday night, and slept in monday morning and then came home. (Bummer, I didn't take any pictures!)

Then we came home and started crossing things off our big "to do" list!!!! It feels great!!!!
Nathan has lots of projects to finish up, so he built the "paint booth" he calls it, so he can just spray it all with the paint gun. It's complete with a fan to help filter, and lights so he can work into the night:)
Can't wait to post all the things we got done when they are finished!

My husband is such a handy-man!!!! Not a wish-I-was, pretend-to-be, but a REAL DEAL, can do anything with my hands kind of handy-man!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!
These past months he has changed the shocks and tires on our car, took apart and fixed the dryer, AND the washer (it decided to break 2 weeks after we fixed the dryer), made the fridge stop leaking, built a paint booth, built a dollhouse- a VERY NICE dollhouse, sand and paint dressers and drawers and cribs, and fix our hard drive and computer before we lost everything! There really is nothing he can't do!!! I am so lucky I get him on speed dial and for free:)

Looks like he passed some of these good handy-man genes to his daughters:)
I can't wait for our little boy to be next to his daddy gettin' dirty fixin' things in the years to come!

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Ben and Dena said...

What is the paint booth for?