Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trimester Two!!!!!! (only one to go!)

Month 4: In month 3, I banned Zofran because the only thing it was doing really well was making me constipated! BOO on you!! So I tried Phenegran again, and because the side effects were much less annoying, I took it almost every night when I would start to really feel icky! Then at the beginning of month 4, I tried to ween myself off of Unisom and B6 at night. BOY WAS THAT A MISTAKE.....By the 3rd day, I felt like I was 8 weeks pregnant again, crying by the toilet at night.....NOT GOOD! So we are back popping pills at night!  Then, about week 18, I started getting really restless legs at night, and I couldn't figure out what was going on! It was horrible. I couldn't sit still at night!!!! I was walking around stretching, doing squats and lunges, anything to make it go away and nothing would work. That week, Dr. Pepper really sounded good and helped settle my stomach in the evenings, so I thought maybe it was the caffeine, so I stopped that. But NO, restless legs continued!!!! So finally I looked up symptoms of phenegran online......and low and behold......"if you are agitated or get restless, or restless legs, stop taking and tell your doctor"  So goodbye phengran:(  At least I still have unisom and B6- without that, I'm afraid I would still be feeling really really yucky! I feel like with my girls, I was off any meds by 20 weeks, and had an overlaying yucky feeling, but not enough to be on anything. With this one, if I go off meds, I feel REALLY REALLY yucky. So that's the one thing that is really different about this pregnancy.
At 5.5 months...still on Unisom and B6...I'm kind of afraid to go off of it now for fear I will be miserable:(

Some cravings this semester: still all salty food.... chips are still a favorite.- but I've been working really hard to not eat them.....the salt makes me retain water!!!!

I'm really craving Peanut Butter. Every morning, I want toast with about 1/4 inch of peanut butter on it! Served of course with a tall glass of milk:) Sooooooooo good!!! I also found that Cheerios makes their multi-grain O's in peanut butter flavor, and I am sure loving those!!!!!!  

In the evenings, my stomach still gets upset, and I found that carbonation really helps it settle. I was loving Dr. Pepper, but wanted a healthier approach, so I found flavored carbonated water-but most of those have artificial sweetners-(never been fond of those), so I found Talking Rain sparkling water- which is just sparkling water with essential oils of different fruits. 

Just some other stuff: 
I get a lot attention at the gym:) Anything I do, I get praised, nearly every day that I am there, and mostly by complete strangers, male and female. It's pretty funny:) They say things like, "you are so inspirational","you are so great, I mean, I see you here almost every day", "I can't believe you are here, way to go", "how far along are you, you look great", or some old man who warned me about OBGYN's, and that if mine asked my to go skiing or something, I should say strange of a thing to say, but glad we both agreed:) It's a great "pick me up" each morning I must say, and I really don't mind all the positive attention:)  

Finally got a pair of jeans with the full belly band.........the kind that goes all the way up to your boobs, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! They are all I want to wear anymore!

This may be TOO MUCH INFORMATION (but hey, this is a private blog) , my boobs are HUGE!!! I've grown nearly 3 cup sizes! Just had to note that:) Nathan and I both agree, bigger than when I was pregnant with either of my girls.

It's been so fun getting ready for this baby! Washing boy clothes (a huge thank you to September, who gave me all her baby boy clothes to use- my drawers are ful!), going through baby stuff, painting crib and dresser drawers, and setting everything up! I really just can't wait to hold this little baby in my arms!!!!!!!!

Still negotiating's so difficult! We have a few favorites.

Swelling has started!!!!! YUCK!!!! I can still wear my wedding ring, so that's a good sign. And it always goes away. It's in my hands and feet, and will probably soon move to my face........I HATE that part. But I notice it more on the weekends when I don't go to the gym. Sweating it out must really help:)
Post script today: officially can NOT wear my wedding ring. I almost couldn't get it off. So I am wearing my "fat girl" ring now:( sad day!

I've gained more weight that I care to type, so that will just have to be a brain memory. I work out, eat lots of fruits and veggies, drink lots of water, and get lots of rest, its just what my body does!!!! And proves, NO different if I'm prego with a boy or a girl. Let's just say, I am on route to gain well over 50 pounds by the time this baby comes out.........just like my 2 other pregnancies:( I'm cursed! Ain't nothing I can do about it.........but it still stinks to just watch yourself get fatter and fatter! Oh goodness.......


Erika Spjute Gray said...

You crack me up! You do look great and I am sorry you're sick. I was not hardly sick with emmy so I have no words of advice. But i do love Dr. Pepper:)

Ben and Dena said...

So sorry to hear how sick you are/have been! Not fun!!! And I applaud your gym attending! Seriously- that is awesome and impressive. It's about all I can do to move from my bed to the living room when I'm pregnant. And not because I'm sick :)

Cali said...

When are you due? Have you chosen a name for the lil' guy yet? I bet you are so freakin' excited.