Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 10th, 2012 - Andy and Crystal become Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

 Waiting outside the Twin Falls Temple, there were lots of cute little girls to take pictures of:)
 Three generations, Nathan, Dad, and Grandpa- who is a temple sealer and got to seal Crystal to Andy, pretty cool stuff!!!! It was an emotional day inside the temple:)

 We always joke that Nathan's tummy is growing just as big as mine:)

 I rarely take full body pictures of myself  prego, but Nathan looks so cute in this one:) 
(It's so hard to capture a natural real smile from him)

 Family pic outside temple....Sienna was emotional as well:(

 And here is their grand entrance.....or rather exit, of the temple!!!!! 
I still can't believe she is really married! It's been a long, but worth it, journey!

 The brothers and the bride!

 Evy was quite the entertainment during pictures:) We all love her!

 All the neices and nephews......and Evy showing off her best stuff!

 Andy and his brothers

 All the ladies there to support.....I don't have a big group picture yet...

It was a wonderful day and we are so glad we were able to be there!!!

Also, Chase went through the temple the night before as he gets ready to go on his mission, so it was fun to have everyone there inside the temple! 

Then Friday was the sealing, and Saturday the reception in Boise....all the girls did a special dance at the reception, but its on Nathan's phone...I'll download that later. Sunday we went to church and got to hang out with my side of the fam for a bit and then said all our goodbyes! It was a blast of a weekend that went way too fast!!

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