Monday, January 30, 2012

Phone pictures from the past few months........

 This "Nightmare Express" was soooo fun! This guy in Lindon puts it on every year, and appartently does Christmas too, we were too busy to go explore that one.... but next year for sure!!
It's a little train that you ride on through his property ( like with actual mini tracks and everything built into all the concrete!!) and they have tents of scary things and it is really cool!!! Plus it is FREE!!!!!!

 Trafalga was fun this fall, we went there many times to use up the last of our yearly pass we bought last winter!

These girls sure love each other.....they do EVERYTHING together!!!! I sure don't think they look alike, or the same age, but I have now been asked TWICE if they were twins at the grocery store!!!

 (Look how light Sienna's hair got fromt the summer sun. This photo was taken in Aug or Sept. She has my same hair, shiny fine hair, lots of it, gets natural highlights in the summer, and goes dark in the winter)

These cute little girls........ I went in to check on them the other night, and couldn't find Sienna in her bed, looked up top, and there she was, sleepin' with her sister. The next morning, Taya said that Sienna dropped her baby, got scared and climbed into bed with her:) So glad they like each other so much!!!

 Just a few of my favorite things........homemade Pizza Hut style deep dish pizza.....I LOVE homemade pizza, we make it every week!!!!!

Orchids.......they are beautiful, and I finally got one!!! Except, Taya threw a towel and it caught on the flowers, and pulled it down, it fell on floor and broke the vase, and my plant just has not recovered from the fall.....all the blossoms died and fell off, and one whole stem died:( Hopefully it can fully recover!

My haircut...... not only do I love it, but this picture too......I had a flat tummy, skinny arms, and a not prego chubby face!!!!

And "Bountiful Baskets"!! They are great!!! And I've started it here in Utah....this is a pic of my sister, Angie's, but look at all you get for 15 Bucks!!!!! I tried to see what I could get at the grocery store for $15, and it was LESS than HALF of this. You get a basket of fruit and a basket of veggies.......I recommend it to anyone. I don't get one every week, but every 2 or 3!

Plus, it supports local farms whenever they can, and it's fresh from the farm, so it lasts soooo much longer, and you don't get stuck in a rut of the same fruit and veggies when you go to the store...... just look at all the beautiful good for you!!!!

Sienna can sleep in the most peculiar places.....

 At the park, in the swings,..... or in the car with the seat belt for support:)

Visiting Home and playing "hot coals" in Alex and Wendy's new cool backyard with firepit!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary......7 years!!!!

 January 22 was our anniversary, so we took the fam bowling and for ice cream  on Sat. and to chat with friends! It was a great family fun day!
Boy has 7 years gone by fast, but I guess they do when you are with people that you love and who love you!
Nathan really has been so great with this new pregnancy, and I'm so glad I am with someone who has sympathy for me!!! I don't know what I would do if I didn't. He has been so great with the kids, sharing in meal planning/preparing, and helping us keep our house clean and in order while mommy has some time outs. He really shines when mommy is only half (or less) in on it all, and I couldn't be more grateful and happy that he is mine!!:)
I love my Tiger baby and can't wait for the next 7!
 Our scores......they need a little explaining:) Taya and Sienna tied, Daddy won!!!!, and sadly, mommy, with her new and different center of gravity growing, plus stretching stomach muscles, had to bowl very slowly, and awkwardly,  and ended up with a lot or gutter balls......soooooo I came in last!

 Taya and Sienna, they look like pros:)  
(I especially love this photo of Sienna because she looks so confident....and it warms my heart to see those times with this shy little monkey!)

 Nathan doin' his thang' and helping out with Taya. Sienna liked to use the alligator slide and push her ball down the lane:)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

They called him on a mission!!!!!

My little brother-in-law just got called to the Cusco, Peru Mission!!!!!!!! He leaves May 23rd!!!!!!
Congrats to Chase!
With Crystal getting married and Chase leaving, after 35 years, Brent and Becky will officially be empty nesters!!!! What will they do with themselves????? A new chapter!! :)