Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Taya's First Day of School!!!!

Oh My GOODNESS!!!! I can't believe Taya just started school! The anticipation has been building for weeks now!!!!! I was excited, Taya was excited........we practiced where to line up outside class when we arrive, where her bus stop is to come home...... we were ready..... totally thought I would be too excited to cry........ YA RIGHT!!!!!!!! I bawled like a baby!!!! As she stood in line, I could see her little mind just wondering what would happen next, and now my little girl would be in school.......... for a good chunck of her little life!!! It is a new era, and I had to hightail it out of there before I lost control and other parents started starring:)   

Happy to report, she came home safely, and was so excited to tell me everything that happened!!!! Painting, riding the bus,stories on the rug, goldfish at recess, sitting next to a friend on the bus, riding the bus, meeting the other classmates who have the other teacher, building with blocks in a chair at a table (she found this so funny, I guess cause we always build with blocks right on the floor:)) Oh and did I mention riding the bus..... that was probably her favorite:) I'm so glad it was a great day and look forward to so many more!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy First Day of School!!!

Well, Nathan started his first day of school on Monday...... and guess what he got as a present......... someone rear-ended him!!!!!! They were all stopped at a stop light, and the lady behind him thought the light turned green and just bam, ran into him!! Crazy people...... that makes number 3 for rear-enders on this little Frogley family..... all NOT our fault, just some people who need to learn how to drive, always driving right behind us!!!!! Anyway, the first day of school went good other than that...... and Taya starts next week!!!!