Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Trimester............ get out of here!, I'm done with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I'm so glad the first trimester is over!!!!!!!!! Officially is was over Christmas Eve!!! Yeah!! Things are starting to turn around, and I'm starting to feel better. Every week, it gets just a little better. Afternoon and evenings are still a little icky and I don't know if it will totally go away, but I can hope:) The baby belly has surely already popped out..... as you can see! And it's fun to know that a little baby is growing inside of there. The girls got to come to my first appointment with me and got to see the little baby growing inside us. The doctor has one of those tiny  hand held ultrasounds......... (I feel like even when I had Sienna, technology wansn't up to that speed yet, so we didn't get to see her until about 20 weeks- and on the big machine they had to wheel around on a cart), So he quickly got to show the girls what was going on in mommys tummy, and to see the heart beat-145 beats per minute. We are all so very excited!!!!!  (Funny note: While they were drawing my blood, Sienna got very nervous, and had her hands up by her face like she was ready to cover her eyes at any moment if it got to be too much for her. She is such a timid and nervous little spirit:)...reminds me of someone I know........starts with a "D" and ends with an "addy")

I am so ready to have a baby in the house again!!!!! And now that I'm starting to feel a little better, I am even more excited! I already want to get all my baby stuff out and get organized!!! But I'll wait till we know what we're having:) Everywhere we go, Nathan just giggles at me, because I am goo-ing and gaa-ing at every little baby I see, and if we know them, asking to hold and play with their baby! I really just can't wait!!! Let's just skip the pregnancy and have the stork drop the baby off at the door!!! I'd be up for that!!!!:)

Anyway, some interesting tidbits that I want to remember about this pregnancy.

Likes: yogurt, cheese, eggs, meat.............ALMOST anything I didn't have to prepare myself:) Pasta with lots of butter and Parmesan cheese. Ceasar salad!!!!!! YUMMMMMMY!, or really any kind of salad for that matter.  Tuna fish sandwiches made with pickle juice and pickles!!!! ( I found a trick!- I get a nasty after taste in my mouth when I am sick, that just adds to the feeling of nausea (lots of other prego women report this as well) and pickles get rid of the taste, for a few hours!!! They think it's because the vinegar cuts the acid in your mouth and tummy, and they think that is was causes the nasty taste- hormones and all the acid in your tummy from being sick. Also cinnamon! I think probably because it's a natural tummy soother. But really anything cinnamon: cinnamon jolly ranchers, hot tamales, yummy cinnamon rolls with coconut frosting! Cinnamon and sugar sprinkled toast! And also homemade goodnesss- hence the cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, homemade rolls. (Probably because we were eating freezer food for so long, my body despises it now)And also grapes, and celery....weird, but they just taste good!!! And CHIPS, CHIPS, CHIPS!!!!! I just finished off half a bag this afternoon!!!! Yummy!!!! Particularly the cheddar and sour cream!

Gag reflexors: wheat bread for a few weeks, the smell was revolting. Fruits and veggies for just about 3 weeks, now I can't get enough! During the beginning I don't think I ate any sugar, it just seems to upset the tummy. They taste good now, but still upset the tummy afterwards, so we stay away from it for now.

Also, I'm already sleeping with 4 pillows, and already feel like I'm waddling:( That's sad! And can totally feel my hips spreading and my ab muscles stretching....I think because they actually had time to come back in and tighten up after Sienna because I've had some more time.

My ribs are sore to the touch because they are stretching apart, and just this last week or two I have begun to feel flutters of the baby moving. Cant wait till Daddy and the girls will be able to feel that!

I already need a bigger bra, and am completely out of my "normal" clothes and into maternity clothes!

The kids already rub and pat my belly, and we all just can't wait!!!!!!! 1 trimester down, 2 to go!!

My beloved before picture that I will look at when I'm huge and think there is no way I can ever have a flat tummy again:) Here's my own proof:)

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