Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blog Book 2010-2011......Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Our year in 12 pictures:)
 Have I ever said how much I LOVE making these blog books!!!! They are the best!!!!! Here is our family history/journal/scrapbook nicely bound and ready to be displayed on my shelf!!!! I love cause I can make it look EXACTLY how I want, and I am always thrilled with how they turn out! My kids LOVE to sit and look through them like I did with photo albums in my day, and I love that! Yeah! So exciting!!!!!! If you want to make one, they are having a sale on any book if you make it by Jan 31st.......25% off with the code: MYBOOK4. Try it out, you will not be dissappointed:)
 One of my VERY favorite family pictures by my favorite tree!!!- courtesy of Hillary Collette:)


forget laundry said...

you make me wish I had more blog books done. SO MUCH WORK. nobody know til they make way. way to go. glad you love that family pic :) I think it's a cute one.

Melissa said...

That looks awesome! I want to see it in person next time we get together.