Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Haven't blogged
have not shaved my legs....looking gorilla-ish...yikes!
have not cleaned my house
have not made a well balanced dinner for my family
have NOT showered every day...sometimes it was days before this happened...I know gross:(
didn't work out.......not once
didn't do the dishes
didn't do laundry....ok maybe once
didn't eat 3 meals a day.... more like 10, seriously every hour!!!
didn't stay up past about 9
didn't keep everything in my tummy.....barfing
didn't stay healthy.....got flu bug and/or food poisoning TWICE!!!!!
didn't do my hair
didn't put makeup on
didn't have anything comfortable to wear, or that would fit!!
Didn't keep my figure..... waist has grown 8-9 inches ALREADY!!!!!!.....but DID fill out my bra:)

The little body that will soon fill up those little extra pair of shoes has already taken over. My body is WAY to busy building this little baby to give me any energy or push to do any of the above. 

So who is left to do all those things, my poor wonderful husband. He has been so great!!!!!! He does anything/everything he can to help when he is home and we are SOOOOOOO grateful to him. He's gone to school way before we get up, and gets home from work around 7, but goes right to the kitchen and does the dishes, helps me put the kids, and me, to bed, and then stays up all by himself to do his homework. On the weekends he cooks and cleans, plus his calling in church which is going to be extra work the next few months. He's just wonderful and I'm just so grateful. I hope I can get back to a normalish feeling self so that he doesn't have to be streched so thin. 

Lately, I have a few good hours in the morning where I feel pretty good, so that's a good sign! I hope to be getting more and more of those good hours and start to get back to a little more normal life!!

We are VERY excited for this little one to come, and can really hardly wait. I know these little babies are so worth it, but this part sure does stink! And we will be having another June Birthday!!!! Taya is June 17, Sienna is June 14, and this due date is June 28th. But if like the others will come a week early, so these birthdays would all be in the same week!!!!! Crazy goodness!!:) We are so excited and so grateful that we are able to have babies and just can't wait for her/him to arrive!!!


Jenilyn said...

Yay, we are so excited for you guys! I can't wait to meet the new baby!

Helen said...

So happy for you guys! Congrats!

Merkley Jiating said...

Woohoo! Adorable picture. Congratulations!

chetandbobisue said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you guys. I hope you get feeling better. If you need any help give me a call-we don't live that far:)!

Jesse, Devon and Aida said...

CONGRATS!!! So excited for you guys!! Hope you start to feel better soon so you can shave your legs for Nathan's sake:)and everything else!

Randi said...