Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taya is sooooo grown up!!!!!!!

First of all, last week, she woke up, got dressed, brushed her teeth and hair, got a drink, put a bagel in the toaster, put cream cheese on it, and ate it!!!!!.........ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!! I didn't have to do a thing!!!!!! She was ready for school!

THEN...... just last night, Nathan took her training wheels off of her bike cause she asked him to, and today after school............. she wanted to practice, and she is now riding and even starting ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!! Simply amazing!!!!! (Not sure why the video is sideways...... it's from my phone)

Post script: Later this evening at the dinner table Taya says to me, "Mom, I wish I was a baby."
and of course my reply, "why????"
"Because babies go to bed a lot earlier than big kids."
Then I ask, "Are you tired? You've been riding your bike a lot today."
And she just nods her little cute tired head:)
She literally rode her bike for hours, practicing her new balancing with out training wheels, starting all on her own, and even turning around by the end of the evening!!!! I just love her and her cute little ways!!!!

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