Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So tender...

Just got this from my sister in law Wendy, and wanted to always remember it:)

Hello Eeveryone,

I just wanted to share a little something with you that Bailey wrote a couple of weeks ago. I thought you all would appreciate it. One Sunday we were watching the movie, Letters to God.  So anyhow, later I found bailey writing this letter. I am going to spell everything the way she did because I think it's fun and cute.:)

Dear god This is Bailey J. Marti I wonder wat it is like in hevin I Rely miss Shon, Sage, and Jenifer I relly wan't to meat them. I know I'll meat them some day. But I can think of all the fun things we could do.
Love Bailey P.S. I made a lttl geft (gift) for them can you plees geft it to them.

Then she inserted cut out flowers for them on Sages it says,
hi Sage this is me Bailey your casin (cousin) I wish i cood play with you. Love Bailey

On Shawns it says,
hi Shon I wish I cood make forts with you. Love Bailey

And on Jennifers it says,
I love you Jenifor.
Love Bailey

This brought a little tear to my eye. I to, cant wait until the day I get to meet Shawn and be reunited with them again.

Love Wendy

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