Monday, October 17, 2011

Alacazam, Alacazoo, Bibiiddi, Bobbbidi, BOO!!!! AKA to Sienna as Mag-ich

"Here is Sienna!! and now i will make her disappear!!!!!" While of course saying the magic words!!!!!! "Alacazam, Alacazoo, Bibiiddi, Bobbbidi, BOO!!!!"

"She is gone and now, I will make her Re-appear!! Alacazam, Alacazoo, Bibiiddi, Bobbbidi, BOO!!!!"

Taya came up with this game all by herself!!! It was so fun to watch them and it kept them busy for hours as I prepared for my Halloween Party:)

OF Course Sienna wanted to have a turn as well!!!!

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Ben and Dena said...

Can't believe how big they are getting! They are totally adorable! Miss you guys