Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So tender...

Just got this from my sister in law Wendy, and wanted to always remember it:)

Hello Eeveryone,

I just wanted to share a little something with you that Bailey wrote a couple of weeks ago. I thought you all would appreciate it. One Sunday we were watching the movie, Letters to God.  So anyhow, later I found bailey writing this letter. I am going to spell everything the way she did because I think it's fun and cute.:)

Dear god This is Bailey J. Marti I wonder wat it is like in hevin I Rely miss Shon, Sage, and Jenifer I relly wan't to meat them. I know I'll meat them some day. But I can think of all the fun things we could do.
Love Bailey P.S. I made a lttl geft (gift) for them can you plees geft it to them.

Then she inserted cut out flowers for them on Sages it says,
hi Sage this is me Bailey your casin (cousin) I wish i cood play with you. Love Bailey

On Shawns it says,
hi Shon I wish I cood make forts with you. Love Bailey

And on Jennifers it says,
I love you Jenifor.
Love Bailey

This brought a little tear to my eye. I to, cant wait until the day I get to meet Shawn and be reunited with them again.

Love Wendy

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sleepy head...

 While I was having a RS meeting in the middle of the day, I found Sienna all up in her bed and she had gone to sleep!!!:)

 I love how in our new car, she uses the seatbelt to keep her head up:)

Puppy dog Puppy dog, I love you....

So..... ever since we have been in Utah, whenever we would go over to Grandma Lorna's house, Taya would play with this puppy! She would love him and play with him the whole time and then ask Grandma if she could have him and take him home. I kept telling her no because this was the puppy that a friend of Lorna's gave to her after her husband died and she slept with it every night for a year. It was special and I didn't want Taya to take it from her. To my SURPRISE, one weekend when Taya was staying over at Grandma Lorna's, they gave the puppy a bath and then she came home with him! Lorna had given it to Taya, and Taya was in love!!!!! Needless to say, Taya took that puppy EVERYWHERE, she sleeps with it, it goes in the car with us, on trips, she plays with it at least once a day...... and it's gotten a lot more baths since we've had it:)

That's the background,... so of course it came with us on our quick trip to Boise 2 weekends ago. When we left Boise, I stuffed their blankets into their pillowcases, like I always do, checked the room one last time, and we were off.
TWO hours down the road, and Taya was getting sleepy and wanted her puppy to go to bed with. She franticly asks me, "Mom! Where's my puppy!???"
I explained that when I was packing up I never saw it in the room, so unless she grabbed, already put it in her bag, or it was still in the car, I didn't have it.
She was very sad, so we called Ang to see if we had left it.
Sure enough, he was still there, half way under the bed that we were sleeping on, and Ang took a picture (much like the one above) and sent it to me to make sure it was the one.
It was and I showed Taya the picture. She of course wanted to go back and get it. But I told her we were too far, and LUCKILY, Emily and the kids were coming the very next week, and maybe they could bring it (or it would have to wait until Thanksgiving-and I didn't want to tell her that).
So she asked if she could look at the picture. She held my phone for about an hour, and kept touching the screen every 30 seconds when the power saver would come on and turn it off. She was grief stricken!!!! She would have held that phone the whole 4 hours left, but I told her it was going to run out the battery. 

So the whole rest of them trip, she would continue to tell us she wanted her puppy, and ask to look at the picture one more time. Then as we were home, she would ask me how many more days until Emily got there with her puppy, every day until they were here!!!!!

When they were finally reunited, 4 days after being separated, they embraced, and she carried that puppy by her side the whole weekend! She LOVES this puppy, even if he doesn't have a name, and it really is kind of cute to watch her with him:)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick Trip to Boise ...

Parker turned 12 and received the Priesthood and was ordained a Deacon 2 weekends ago so My Dad, the girls and I took a quick last minute trip down to Boise. It was so much fun and we were able to see the Frogleys, get my hair cut, and be there with my fam. So much fun to go visit home!!!! Love you all!