Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stuck like glue!......

These 10 pounds are suck like glue!
Can't get rid of them, don't know what to do!!!
Moved to Utah,  and they just appeared
And now all my jeans are tight in the rear!!

Oh I wish I had something to blame
Like not being on my exercise game,
Or I really wish I could say I'm prego
but NOPE, it's probably just too many spaghetti-o's!

I'm at a loss, I a am afraid
I worked so hard all of my days
to get back down to my pre-preg size
and I was there......... and now not, to my demise!!

I'm working out, almost everyday
and get a good sweat going, I really must say:)
My diet is good, could be better
but I really just feel like a puffy old sweater!!

HELP!! What do you do???? 
I need something new!!
A change, an alteration, mix things up for a few!
Any tips would be helpful, I need to shrink down
My clothes don't fit and I'm beginning to frown!!!!!!!


Hollie said...

When you figure it out let me know. I am stuck on those last 10 pounds as well and with winter coming and only some pants fitting I am getting worried...

Myca said...

What the heck sounds like your body is a little out of wack these days ;). Seriously...I bet the whole pregnancy thing ( or lack there of) and weight stuff is all tied together. Boo to that! I hear they say to change it up though...try something really new with your work out...maybe that will help?!

Helen said...

I feel like I am in the same boat Hailey. I am sure if I cut out all my sweets that would help. Let me know if you find another way, 'cause that option just plain stinks!