Friday, September 30, 2011

Kids say the darnedest things.......

      When Taya says the prayer at dinner or at night lately, she often includes things such as, " and bless us to have a baby" or "bless us to have a baby, even if its a brother or a girl." And on two occasions she has said, " bless us to have a baby named Jackson." or "bless us to have a baby named Jack." (and the crazy thing is, I've always loved the name Jack..., BUT I have never told Taya that I want to name our baby that, she must like the name too:), or getting her information from upstairs:) Anyway, it always makes me smile when I hear her pray for things that she really wants and it is so sweet and innocent.

       So, a little background for this next one.......Whenever I see naked little baby bums, especially my own children, I always pinch their little bums and say, "I love these little naked bums!"    So to my surprise....... As I was getting dressed, Sienna walked by, did a double take, and came running toward me saying, " oh, I see your bum! I just love you so much mommy!" As she squishes up her face and comes at me as if she too can't resist to pinch a naked bum...... even if it's her, so NOT baby, mommie bum! It really made me giggle:)

Kids do say the darnedest things!...........but it's usually some form or what they hear us say:) SO what does that say?...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Read Everyday!" Says Ms. Andrus.

I love that my little girls love to read! And Taya is getting so good!!!!! She loves to read to Sienna too:)

Stuck like glue!......

These 10 pounds are suck like glue!
Can't get rid of them, don't know what to do!!!
Moved to Utah,  and they just appeared
And now all my jeans are tight in the rear!!

Oh I wish I had something to blame
Like not being on my exercise game,
Or I really wish I could say I'm prego
but NOPE, it's probably just too many spaghetti-o's!

I'm at a loss, I a am afraid
I worked so hard all of my days
to get back down to my pre-preg size
and I was there......... and now not, to my demise!!

I'm working out, almost everyday
and get a good sweat going, I really must say:)
My diet is good, could be better
but I really just feel like a puffy old sweater!!

HELP!! What do you do???? 
I need something new!!
A change, an alteration, mix things up for a few!
Any tips would be helpful, I need to shrink down
My clothes don't fit and I'm beginning to frown!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aspen Elementary Pirate themed Carnival! Arrrrggg Matey!

Dog Pile!!!!!!! Or Rather...... FROG PILE!!!!!!! (Grandpa Marti oh so correctly corrected me!)

the last time we photographed this......

Alpine Slides!

 We got to go to the Alpine Slides again this year!!!! Always so fun!!!

Grandparents Day at Aspen Elementary!

Taya was so lucky! She got to have both grandma and grandpa come to her grandparent day in Kindergarten!!!! They talkied briefly about her and then the kids sang a song and read a book. Then grandpa took us out to McDonald's!! It was such a fun day:)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Andy and Crystal!!!!!

It's FINALLY official:) December 16th!!! Can't wait!
Great job on the pics Myca!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Taya's Pirate Princess

Taya's school has a carnival coming up with a Pirate theme and they asked us to decorat soda's for a "soda walk"- just like a cake walk- and they have prizes for the best decor. So this is what Taya and I came up with! Taya even got to use Mommy's sewing machine and sew the skirt herself!!!


We went to a Splash Park with Hil, and Rose, and Jenilyn, and Missy-(although we were late so we didn't get to see them:( ), and all their kids! Fun little free park to cool off as our hot days wind down to non-existent.

Sienna's First Day of Preschool!!!!!

Sienna started Preschool!!! Wonderland Academy, just here in our neighborhood from Mrs. Heap's home. And she loved it!!!! She was being very shy, and I was worried she might cry a little bit when I left,.... but, she didn't!:) She was so proud of herself too! She loved getting to put her stuff in her backpack and show me after school, just like Taya does:) 

Some other Sienna-isms:
I often find her in high heels, or a tutu, or both!
She really thinks her name is Sienna Benna, whenever she sees her name she says, "look mom, this says Sienna Benna!"  (it's a nickname we have for her)

Goodbye Summer....

I can feel the breeze in the air!!! I love this time of year!!!! Soo long summer, hello FALL!!!!!!!