Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Taya's First Day of School!!!!

Oh My GOODNESS!!!! I can't believe Taya just started school! The anticipation has been building for weeks now!!!!! I was excited, Taya was excited........we practiced where to line up outside class when we arrive, where her bus stop is to come home...... we were ready..... totally thought I would be too excited to cry........ YA RIGHT!!!!!!!! I bawled like a baby!!!! As she stood in line, I could see her little mind just wondering what would happen next, and now my little girl would be in school.......... for a good chunck of her little life!!! It is a new era, and I had to hightail it out of there before I lost control and other parents started starring:)   

Happy to report, she came home safely, and was so excited to tell me everything that happened!!!! Painting, riding the bus,stories on the rug, goldfish at recess, sitting next to a friend on the bus, riding the bus, meeting the other classmates who have the other teacher, building with blocks in a chair at a table (she found this so funny, I guess cause we always build with blocks right on the floor:)) Oh and did I mention riding the bus..... that was probably her favorite:) I'm so glad it was a great day and look forward to so many more!!!!

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forget laundry said...

so so fun! what a sweet day!